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  1. It looks nicer that a two cell table. Makes a note more visually structured. But unfortunately it's too complicated.
  2. Thanks. And what are those "desktop applications"?
  3. The screenshot is from "Blog Post Worksheet" template, found here: https://goo.gl/gqWt3E There is a table with two cells, but within it there are who separate boxes. I cannot figure out how to achieve this. Thanks!
  4. How sad. Sunrise is dead, and the advertised Evenote/Google Calendar synchronisation is dead, too.
  5. Oh yes, I spent hours if not days of my precious time dealing with Tech Support. Writing emails, resending them when they got lost, making screenshots and screencasts, explaining the issues over and over again, deleting and reinstalling. In 2014 I got ZERO results. I mean, literally none of the problems I reported has been fixed. Lost notes gone forever (lots of messages exchanged with Tech Support, -> "Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do"). Contacting Tech Support has become a complete waste of time. Last time I tried it a week ago (being a paid user), no reply until now. Besides, what can they reply? "Sorry we still did not fix this issue you reported twice in 2014"? "Sorry we lost your ticket again, please reopen it"? And yes, I posted my issues here, several times. Of course experienced users can give some good advice, but unfortunately they cannot help with things that are broken on Evernote's side.
  6. The only thing that I can currently use without issues is Evernote's web clipper. Everything else is broken: search (different search results on different devices), data loss (gone forever), numerous bugs (not fixed). Synchronization doesn't work. Old notes are not accessible any longer, or their formatting is corrupted. So, for me Evernote hasn't improved at all. It used to be a reliable, stable service, but now it is simply too dangerous to keep in it any important information.
  7. The matter is HOW they removed the support: cowardly, without any announcement first, then pretending that it is done only to make a premium support better. Unfortunately, it never happened. In fact, premium support has never been as bad as AFTER they cut off free users: tickets lost, tickets replied after a month with a complete gibberish that has nothing to do with an initial request etc. I personally gave up. In 2014 I spent hours communicating with them: explaining and re-explaining the problems, making screencasts, screenshots, uninstalling and reinstalling. The result? None of my issues were resolved. Lost data remain lost. Bugs remain unfixed. It was a complete waste of time. As for the argument "but they are so big! 90 m users" — it only means that if the company cannot handle growth, it shouldn't grow.
  8. This is great, thanks a lot! One more question: where did you find this information?
  9. Is there a keyboard shortcut? Evernote knowledge database does not help. Many thanks
  10. Many thanks! Who could have thought. The note was there!
  11. A note I've been editing just... disappeared. Sorry, I really don't understand what has happened. It's been there, but not any longer. So, my question: where is now trash folder? Help section is not very helpful in this respect. It encourages me to get started with Evernote 5.0, or to learn more about annotation, but nothing about important stuff, like keyboard shortcuts or location of trash.
  12. First time I'm hearing about this! My personal impression over the course of this year was that Evernote was actually steadily getting better, more responsive. All I can say is that I didn't notice any data losses or sync problems, I don't actively follow the forums/community, so really disappointing to hear that there might be problems I haven't been noticing. Could you please post a link to some of the relevant complains/discussions with details of these problems? Are there credible plans to resolve them? Well, if it's the first time you are hearing about this, you probably do not read this forum very often (which is seriously a good thing, for productivity and for mental health). Just search: 15700 "does not sync" posts here, 14000 "search problem" ones. The last month's posts at the Penultimate forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/114-penultimate/) are worth reading even if you don't use Penultimate, because it gives you a very good impression of how responsive Evernote is, and how it cares about customers and their data. My personal experience: synchronization has been broken since June (different number of notes on different devices) search on Android is broken (can't remember since when) lost notes and data with Penultimate update and when 6.0.3 Mac update crashed can't use mac client since Friday evening, because search doesn't work and synchronization never finishes
  13. Update of this update: still synchronizing. It's been around 28 hours that I cannot use Evernote properly.
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