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  1. No, three years ago I successfully used it. I traveled with iPad for 2 months, and it was a life saver, since I created many notes during each day and then merged them into one. Now my desktop computer is broken and unavailable until August, so I am back on iPad again, and it’s amazing how bad Evernote app for iOS is. Without other apps like MergeEver it’s almost unusable. Another thing I miss is the possibility to change creation date, but I can’t recall the name of the app that allowed me to do that.
  2. Anybody knows what happened to MergeEver? I cannot find it in the AppStore.
  3. It looks nicer that a two cell table. Makes a note more visually structured. But unfortunately it's too complicated.
  4. Thanks. And what are those "desktop applications"?
  5. The screenshot is from "Blog Post Worksheet" template, found here: https://goo.gl/gqWt3E There is a table with two cells, but within it there are who separate boxes. I cannot figure out how to achieve this. Thanks!
  6. How sad. Sunrise is dead, and the advertised Evenote/Google Calendar synchronisation is dead, too.
  7. First time I'm hearing about this! My personal impression over the course of this year was that Evernote was actually steadily getting better, more responsive. All I can say is that I didn't notice any data losses or sync problems, I don't actively follow the forums/community, so really disappointing to hear that there might be problems I haven't been noticing. Could you please post a link to some of the relevant complains/discussions with details of these problems? Are there credible plans to resolve them? Well, if it's the first time you are hearing about this, you probably do not read this forum very often (which is seriously a good thing, for productivity and for mental health). Just search: 15700 "does not sync" posts here, 14000 "search problem" ones. The last month's posts at the Penultimate forum (https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/114-penultimate/) are worth reading even if you don't use Penultimate, because it gives you a very good impression of how responsive Evernote is, and how it cares about customers and their data. My personal experience: synchronization has been broken since June (different number of notes on different devices) search on Android is broken (can't remember since when) lost notes and data with Penultimate update and when 6.0.3 Mac update crashed can't use mac client since Friday evening, because search doesn't work and synchronization never finishes
  8. Unfortunately, the current state of Evernote (broken search, broken synchronization, data loss) pushes me to find a new storage for almost everything. This would be my organizational goal for 2015. The only field where Evernote is still the best is webclipping. Even if they break it, losing a saved web page is a minor inconvenience, you can almost always re-download it. It's not the same as losing your writing or not being able to retrieve a hotel booking confirmation because of yet another buggy update. I already moved all my to do lists and various checklist to Gqueues, writing projects to Scrivener, pictures and things to be shared to Google Drive/Dropbox. I still haven't found a replacement for a diary.
  9. Hmmm well you could always submit a support ticket and make sure to indicate that you have experienced data loss. While you will be at the end of a very, very long queue, you might get help as a free user given the nature of the problem (data loss). I did (Premium). 18 emails exchanged, result: "Unfortunately, there's nothing I can to recover those specific notes that were unsynchronized." I am getting more and more used to the idea that contacting support is a complete waste of time, no matter if you are free or premium. None of the issues and bugs I reported this year are fixed.
  10. To gbarry: just curious, have you actually used the new Penultimate yourself? You personally? How about that: try to install a "Games" collection – yes, it's not easy, the button "Free download" is not responsive, unless you tap it several times, or maybe you have to find the right angle, or maybe deleting and reinstalling would help. If you manage to do that, go to "The License Plate Game". And see what happens. Isn't it fun? Please add it to the list of bugs.
  11. Had the same problem, resolved by tapping "Free download" button several times. Uninstalled and reinstalled the previous version.
  12. Even if people usually synchronize their notes, there are moments when they don't (e.g. while travelling). It seems that Evernote employees do not use Evernote at all. Otherwise I can't explain why they do such cruel things to their customers, like this Penultimate update that deleted lots of note. I really would like to get an answer from Josh Taylor personally: how would it feel if you spend 17 hours in the air trying to work and making notes, only to find out that they all disappear because somebody decided that the app you were using needs an update?
  13. Hi. You're kidding, right? At least, I thought so at first, but I am not sure. Are you suggesting that they spend the time to reply to every single negative comment instead of doing their jobs and improving the app? This is a user forum, so developers don't post very much, though they read, and in several years here, I don't think I have ever seen anyone address every complaint about an app. My recommendation, as mentioned above, is to clearly state what your issues are with the app and why the current app is a problem. Designers can work with that, and they can respond. As you said, there are a lot of negative comments out there about the app -- hopefully the designers are listening. But, you also don't want your specific concerns drowned out by the rest because you haven't been clear about the problems. I see nothing wrong with replying every single negative comment, especially after they cancelled any support for free users. In fact, it's the only way to justify this highly questionable move.
  14. And a question: how do I actually clear a page in this new version?
  15. Many issues have been mentioned already, here's another one: I cannot download paper from "Penultimate Paper Shop". "Free download" button is not responsive.
  16. Good question. AFAIK, there's no such functionality. Moreover, you can't even copy/paste a table even within Evernote.
  17. Yes, Zapier works. It's ALMOST perfect. The only drawback is that it creates dates without zero, that is 201491 while I prefer 20140901. Here's a link to the "zap" (what IFTTT calls "a recipe") which would create a new note in a given notebook at a given time: http://zpr.io/GVwJ. Another useful thing it can do is to automatically create a reminder note. People often complain that Evernote does not have recurrent reminders – this is a way to enjoy them: http://zpr.io/GVwB
  18. Because often there are other notes created before the mac is turned on: twits, check-ins, blog posts etc. Also I keep a diary (precisely in the note which is called YYYYMMDD, updating it from various devices). In the evening I merge all these notes in one daily entry. My diary should come before twits and other automatically downloaded content, and if it is written in a note created before everything else, merging only takes one second. If not, I have to change the time of creation, or copy paste – it takes time. In other words, a list of daily notes sometimes looks like that: twit twit checkin YYYYMMDD twit twit ... and I want it to look like that: YYYYMMDD twit twit checkin twit twit
  19. Oh, OK. Then one solution would be to use Applescript. See Mac Productivity: Scheduling AppleScripts Thanks! I don't know anything about AppleScripts, so probably my concern is entirely stupid, but wouldn't it work only when my mac is on? Say if I manage to write a script (a highly improbable turn of events, but still) that creates a note every night at 3AM, then switch off the mac at 9PM, it will not be created?
  20. For the Mac, you can use tools like TextExpander to create any date/time format you wish, and have it autoexpand when you type the abbreviation, like "ymddate". Then when you create your Note, just enter "ymddate" in the title field. No, it's not what I mean (though I indeed use TextExpander's snippet, abbreviated "ddate"). My question is how to create such a note automatically, every day. The way IFTTT does but with a proper title.
  21. This is very interesting, thank you. I use similar method with WriteNote – it's on my phone's lock screen, so it goes really quickly. But still, an easily created note is not the same as automatically created note.
  22. As far as I can understand Everlog does something different: it creates a template that you can use when you want to create a note. It doesn't create a note automatically at a given time every day or every week. I use Android equivalents (WriteNote, BridgeNote) but they do not solve this problem.
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