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  1. Couldn't have put it better - no problems for me on Windows 10 app, benefits outweith the negative by a country mile. I flirted with Notion and imported all my trello and en into it thinking one tool was the answer. Couldn't find anything, but hey, it looked really pretty. Now moving my notes back to EN.
  2. I think it’s great. Not perfect, but still far better than OneNote etc. the edge cases needed to go, this baselining of the product across platforms vital for the future success of the product. It will get better. all I ever read on these forums is negativity for very specific use-cases that quite frankly don’t belong in anyone’s workflow. I have 10000 notes is my favourite... like you even look at 5% of them. I suggest if someone has 10000 notes that relies on colour coded tags you aren’t managing your information very well. what if Evernote hadn’t changed and died
  3. Move the notebook in Evernote.com and see whether that then gets replicated and becomes visible in the app ...
  4. Have you tried moving one of the notebooks out of the stack? Check to see whether it appears then ... If it does, perhaps create a new stack.
  5. Is the notebook part of a stack in which the stack has a symbol/punctuation in it? If so rename the stack only using numbers and letters. That worked for me.
  6. I have narrowed down the issue ... It's related to stacks with a period / "." in the name Original name 1. Projects - blank Renamed to Projects - shows Renamed to A. Projects - blank (thought it was the number) Renamed to A Project - shows (realised it was the special character) Renamed to 1 Projects - shows (numbers are OK) Renamed to 1-Project - shows (hyphen OK) Have replaced "." with "-" for all stacks - all displayed FYI notebooks with a "." that aren't a stack top level folder display correctly
  7. I have same issue. Some notebooks show in the navigation menu but there’s a blank space where others should be. Notebooks are listed in offline area and I can create a new one. But if I move it to a stack that doesn’t show it disappears.
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