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  1. Respectfully, that's a workaround, not a built-in feature in the current version of Evernote. And while I certainly could use HTML, I found a much better solution (below). While true, the results are mixed (with limitations) and I don't want to lock myself into another service. FIY, I found a service called CloudHQ, which is designed to backup or sync online cloud services and email. Well, they support Evernote and I've been backing up my database to Google drive in perhaps the most ideal way I could wish for. You can select various formats, but I'm exporting all my notes in PDF which means if it's a text note it turns into a PDF in organized folders (based on notebooks) and attachments get saved on their own. I could have exported to another format but PDF is more than fine as many of my notes don't need to be edited. Currently doing it with their free plan, but I'd pay for their monthly plan if it paywalls me. Once my database has been exported, I'll be able to open these files anywhere. I feel much more comfortable about this bow, but I wont be locking myself to any service in the future. This has been a learning experience for sure.
  2. Unfortunately, it seems like I'll have to be inconvenienced no matter how I go because evernote doesn't allow for exporting in a non-proprietary way (i.e. export all to PDF or HTML) and I don't want to really import my notes into another service to be locked into something else. At this point, if I can export all my notes, or even extract the files from the notes into a local folder, I'll sort out the mess. I'm just so fed up right now that I'll be happy getting my data out in some reasonable way.
  3. I'm another user adding my voice to the "I'm a long-time Evernote user and have been greatly disappointed by it lately" pool. Currently, with 20,000 notes over the last 12 years, I'm looking to exit Evernote for more than a few reasons: Performance has been absolutely terrible and is getting worse. Was trying my best not to lose my patience with the 50 selected note limit on PC (20 on Android!), but deleting 50 text notes should take MINUTES, and doing that dozens of times in a row isn't my idea of being productive or efficient. The Windows version has gone backwards like 10 steps and I simply cannot stand the directly that Evernote is taking with it. The lack of a proper way to export my data into a future-proof format has me worried about what happens when I'm forced to move my data away from the platform. Price increases, while I've tolerated them, seem to go up without any substantial benefit to me as a user. I feel like I was getting far more value from the product 10 years ago. Still no way to compress notes (more specifically the jpeg files inside of notes). My database is over 15GB and it was too big when it was approaching 5gb... The web clipper has been unreliable and I tend to use it often; being unreliable often is a recipe for frustration. I have been a fan of Evernote and have recommended it hundreds of times to family, friends, and follows of my social media platforms (tens of thousands of people) but I feel that my time with Evernote has finally come to an and. I have until July before my yearly subscription ends, so I'll be looking for ways to get my data off their platform in the meantime.
  4. Been having this problem for months - I see that Evernote doesn't care. Why increase the price of the service if you can't delivery the service? I've been a paying customer for 10 years and have to choose between not being able to use Chrome (or a chromebook) or not use the web clipper. Inexcusable.
  5. Also having the same problem (paid customer). This is very bad as I clip a lot from gmail.
  6. I'm with you on that. But my (now 13GB+) database is quite hefty! I think the most ideal solution would be if Evernote allowed for image compression/resizing either individually or in bulk (or both).
  7. This might be a good option, provided search works just as well. Do you know of any downsides to enabling this feature (other than not having the data stored locally)?
  8. You'd think they'd have a way to check to make sure it's not overriding existing hotkeys! But I'm really glad that it's working now.
  9. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!! It seems the Windows 10 Creators update set WIN+Shift+S as a clip screenshot for OneNote (which I don't use). They look so similar that I mistook it as the Evernote clipper! I remapped Evernote's shortcut and it works now! Thanks a lot
  10. The shortcut hasn't changed because it goes through the motions of allowing me to select part of the screen - the only difference is that there's a red outline when selecting, and it doesn't save a new note
  11. I've been using the clipper feature for a very long time and I usually access it by using the WIN+SHIFT+S hotkey. Lately, I've noticed that while the clipper comes up, my highlight selection border is red and no clips are made. If I use any other method to clip (chrome extension or right clicking on the Evernote ICON + clip screenshot, it works. Any suggestions?
  12. I don't use offline notes on my ipad since it's always on WIFI. But it's slow and unusable. On my Android phone, I don't use offline notes (database is too large) and the database is approx. 400mb, but it's very fast. I like your idea of keeping a specific notebook for only offline notes, but I'd rather do it by tag since I have very specific notebooks for very different things. Database size is really what I'm hoping can be optimized since my daily drivers are my PC and Android phone.
  13. I keep my database on an SSD, and my computer is quite high-end, so no performance issues. But.... it's unusable on my ipad and barely usable on my high-end Android phone. The largest file in my database is 80mb and the next largest is about 25mb, but most are well under 1mb. Considering the monthly allowance is 10gb, I can't imagine how things would be if I uploaded that much. FWIW, my current usage this month (with 4 days left) is 74mb... but after eight years even that can add up to over 7gb of data.Other months use more data, especially when I'm attaching PDF documents and images.
  14. Just to follow up with that, since my OP was over a year ago. I've now got over 16,000 notes and my database is over 11gb large(!!). If I calculate all my receipts going back to 2006 (approx. 4000), they total at most 1gb, so removing them won't make a difference. We still need a way to optimize our database - build in file compression would be great, especially for jpeg files (which I try to make as small as possible before importing them anyway).
  15. Thanks for the detailed post @jmichael. I do many of those things, but I'll try to optimize my workflow when it comes to scanning in images (I use CamScanner). I'd prefer to keep the high-resolution for many of my scans, and the tool JPEGmini I use does not result in image loss (like compression does), and it maintains the files full quality/resolution. I've been looking at my largest notes, and saving attachments -> running them through JPEGmini -> saving them back to my note. It's saves quite a bit, but it's the single images in single notes (thousands of them!) that has me at a standstill. It's also not only about keeping the database small on my PC, but my smartphone, too. having a 5GB+ database on mobile is very cumbersome. Thanks again - I will work on long-term optimization.
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