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  1. Been having this problem for months - I see that Evernote doesn't care. Why increase the price of the service if you can't delivery the service? I've been a paying customer for 10 years and have to choose between not being able to use Chrome (or a chromebook) or not use the web clipper. Inexcusable.
  2. Also having the same problem (paid customer). This is very bad as I clip a lot from gmail.
  3. I'm with you on that. But my (now 13GB+) database is quite hefty! I think the most ideal solution would be if Evernote allowed for image compression/resizing either individually or in bulk (or both).
  4. This might be a good option, provided search works just as well. Do you know of any downsides to enabling this feature (other than not having the data stored locally)?
  5. You'd think they'd have a way to check to make sure it's not overriding existing hotkeys! But I'm really glad that it's working now.
  6. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!! It seems the Windows 10 Creators update set WIN+Shift+S as a clip screenshot for OneNote (which I don't use). They look so similar that I mistook it as the Evernote clipper! I remapped Evernote's shortcut and it works now! Thanks a lot
  7. The shortcut hasn't changed because it goes through the motions of allowing me to select part of the screen - the only difference is that there's a red outline when selecting, and it doesn't save a new note
  8. I've been using the clipper feature for a very long time and I usually access it by using the WIN+SHIFT+S hotkey. Lately, I've noticed that while the clipper comes up, my highlight selection border is red and no clips are made. If I use any other method to clip (chrome extension or right clicking on the Evernote ICON + clip screenshot, it works. Any suggestions?
  9. I don't use offline notes on my ipad since it's always on WIFI. But it's slow and unusable. On my Android phone, I don't use offline notes (database is too large) and the database is approx. 400mb, but it's very fast. I like your idea of keeping a specific notebook for only offline notes, but I'd rather do it by tag since I have very specific notebooks for very different things. Database size is really what I'm hoping can be optimized since my daily drivers are my PC and Android phone.
  10. I keep my database on an SSD, and my computer is quite high-end, so no performance issues. But.... it's unusable on my ipad and barely usable on my high-end Android phone. The largest file in my database is 80mb and the next largest is about 25mb, but most are well under 1mb. Considering the monthly allowance is 10gb, I can't imagine how things would be if I uploaded that much. FWIW, my current usage this month (with 4 days left) is 74mb... but after eight years even that can add up to over 7gb of data.Other months use more data, especially when I'm attaching PDF documents and images.
  11. Just to follow up with that, since my OP was over a year ago. I've now got over 16,000 notes and my database is over 11gb large(!!). If I calculate all my receipts going back to 2006 (approx. 4000), they total at most 1gb, so removing them won't make a difference. We still need a way to optimize our database - build in file compression would be great, especially for jpeg files (which I try to make as small as possible before importing them anyway).
  12. Thanks for the detailed post @jmichael. I do many of those things, but I'll try to optimize my workflow when it comes to scanning in images (I use CamScanner). I'd prefer to keep the high-resolution for many of my scans, and the tool JPEGmini I use does not result in image loss (like compression does), and it maintains the files full quality/resolution. I've been looking at my largest notes, and saving attachments -> running them through JPEGmini -> saving them back to my note. It's saves quite a bit, but it's the single images in single notes (thousands of them!) that has me at a standstill. It's also not only about keeping the database small on my PC, but my smartphone, too. having a 5GB+ database on mobile is very cumbersome. Thanks again - I will work on long-term optimization.
  13. Thanks for that tip, I wasn't aware of this hidden menu. I do use pdf's for multipage documents, but find jpg files to be far more convenient because the previews will show up on mobile. I recently purchased a program called JPEGmini, which does an amazing job losslessly shrinking jpg files, but there seems to be no easy way to use it on the images stored on Evernote - I'd love it if there was a "batch shrink / resize" option in evernote. That could half the storage used by my database. I would imagine in the next 5 years, this will be an even bigger problems, since I expect my database to grow considerably by then.
  14. I've got a lot of photos in my database - many are simply receipts, but they add up (after 14,000+ note). Is there an EASY way to compress the images or the database as a whole?
  15. I have to admit I watched the video three times. And still couldn't figure out what the poster was trying to convey. And yeah, it's blurry. It's showing the bug being discussed in THIS three page thread! The one brought up by the op back in September : http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42921-tag-search-not-working-on-windows-desktop-version/?p=229061 It's still blurry. I already understand the issue that's been reported and I don't need a video for that. I watched this one to check that it was showing an issue that's related to the original issue, but I couldn't really tell, because it's blurry (it's sharp at the outset, but from about 6 seconds in, it goes fuzzy). If it was important enough for CMagnuson to make a video, then I'd hope that it's worth it to him to know that the video may have problems (it might be a machine thing; it's hard to tell). In all fairness, if you download the video, it's not blurry - perhaps you guys are experiencing a problem with youtube buffering. Here's a screenshot of what the video looks like 2 seconds in (and it remains at this quality through the entire video)... Looks pretty darn clear to me.
  16. I have to admit I watched the video three times. And still couldn't figure out what the poster was trying to convey. And yeah, it's blurry. It's showing the bug being discussed in THIS three page thread! The one brought up by the op back in September : http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/42921-tag-search-not-working-on-windows-desktop-version/?p=229061
  17. It's clear on my end and I can see all the text without any issues. It illustrates again that this feature is still broken
  18. Today's update ( didn't fix the bug. Skodai's suggestion to change the search option to "Search Current Context" is a temporary fix, but I'm still not understanding why this hasn't been fixed yet (it's been over three months now).
  19. I don't know why you're not acknowledging that there is a problem - Evernote has confirmed with me through their tech support that there is a bug causing this problem (Oct 16, 2013), but they still haven't fixed it. Again, it doesn't work, and they know that. I don't know what their priorities are (perhaps selling those nice backpacks they keep emailing me about), but they SHOULD make it a priority to make the software work as intended. Nobody is asking for a new feature, just something that worked as it did before the bug started in October, 2013. <sigh>... it did exist and it no longer works properly. There are a few threads which already detail what the exact problem is, and for some users (including myself), this bug makes Evernote far less useful. Yeah, I messed up the quote... my reply should still be coherent.
  20. Tag searching doesn't work as intended and the workarounds aren't efficient or practical. The priority for Evernote should be at least to make sure their major selling points are working, and tagging is one of them. They sold the idea of using Evernote as a digital brain to store all our information. Currently, Evernote has alzheimer's and as a paid customer,I've lost a huge part of Evernote's functionality in the past several months.
  21. Tag searching is one of the main features of evernote. Without it (or with it broken) evernote stops being useful. Should it really take MONTHS to fix something that was working for years? I understand there are other bugs that need to be fixed, but we're talking about priorities here.
  22. It's been months since this BUG was reported... oddly enough, I'm getting emails from evernote about backpacks and paper notepads... please fix this deal breaker rather than focus on non-essential retail products - with 11,000 notes, I can't search for them properly and Evernote hasn't been very useful because of that.
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