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  1. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 GA

    I suggested long time ago to boycott any new installation on all devices and OS. EN is aware of all this bugs and still releasing new version. Statement like we are working on bringing back this feature is ridiculous, why did you remove it in first place. And all you gurus here, please do not respond here and defend the company.
  2. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 3

    No, you are not working on bug fixes. You are telling this every time, and nothing happens. In contrary there are more bugs being introduced with every release. You are not in control of these releases, do you even have a list of all the bugs?
  3. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 2

    This just proves, that EN doesn't know what they are doing. They suggested to you, that rebuilding the data base fixes the problem, but it didn't. How long didn't take to download 29000 notes? Thank you.
  4. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    All you people defending the company here, you do not get the point. And it is so simple. I am paying for a product with features A, B and C. With some stupid, unwanted update the product has now features A, B and D. Feature C is gone now. Is it still the same product I paid for. NO, NO, NO, get this. And, what is most frustrating, the company (Evernote) is not focusing on restoring feature C, no, it is introducing another unwanted feature E, and while doing this it removes feature B. Evernote is doing this for such a long time now, that nobody within the company knows anymore which features are gone. I don't think we can trust such a company. Therefore, I am encouraging to boycott the installation of any new release until the company gets their act together and cleans the software from bugs. Otherwise they will continue to do it.
  5. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    Why is EN not doing exactly this what you are saying? Looks like you are working for EN. Anyway, I don't need to show you TOS, not even attempting to look for this. It should be common sense. Software subscription is a product I paid for, and I expect this product to work/perform in the same way when I bought this. Let say I purchased a blue car, and after two month the color faded out and the car is gray now. Do I look for TOS or what ever? No I would go to the dealer and demand a remedy. It is so simple.
  6. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    Really, so this is how software upgrades work. If, for example, Microsoft upgrades Excel, and publishes the new version with an incorrect financial formula calculation, it is the user responsibility not to install it.
  7. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.13 Beta 1

    Correct, EN is under no obligation to implement the requests, but they are under obligation not to break a working features, features we have been paying for when we decided to subscribe. We subscribed for a reason, and, EN cannot simple take some of the features away!!!!! And they should damn read it here.
  8. AndreasM

    Upcoming changes to Android OS requirements

    So, what have improved, what we haven't had already before?
  9. AndreasM

    Upcoming changes to Android OS requirements

    Just disabling, disabling and disabling any auto update of Evernote in Google Play. And, I do suggest to do it for everybody, to avoid stress, frustration and so on.
  10. AndreasM

    Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    So, 1. Why autocomplete is case sensitive now??? 2. Why a new tag (created) is not accepted by the clipper???? Jeff, your are defending the company all the time, it seems you are in good relation with them (if you are not working for them). So why you are not asking them all the questions, why all the good features have been removed? Are you going to follow with them and verify that the features will be restored? Or it will fade away, because people are tired of always bringing back all the bugs, removed features and so on. And, the list is growing with every new release.
  11. AndreasM

    Chrome Web Clipper 7.1 Released for Chrome

    This is not true, and, like on many occasions before, you are posting wrong info. Old version of the clipper 6.13.0 worked with the newest version of Chrome, and didn't need to be changed because of the Chrome versions. I know this, because I have been using it in this settings. Your post is just confusing more people, why are you doing this, defending the Evernote when they are messing things up. Are you working for Evernote?
  12. AndreasM

    Evernote for Windows 6.11 GA

    I am not upgrading any Evernote product, be it Windows client, Web clipper or Android client. Reason is simple: Each upgrade creates more issues than previous one, there are no improvements here, it is regression, stress and frustration. Evernote's focus is totally wrong, they should begin with bug fixing.
  13. ian_marson, thank you for the clarification. Your post confirms two things: 1. Some posters here in the forum (Gazumped,...) just not telling the truth, and totally lost my respect (probably not important for them) 2. Evernote is not in control of their products. How stupid a company must be to bring untested, unwanted upgrades and hoping the customers will accept it. Or start voting to bring old proved features back. This is ridiculous !!!! That's why I am still on ver. 6.4 of Window Client, I downgraded the Web clipper, I am also not upgrading the Android version. Simple, I am to afraid of an upgrade to break a good working features. This is more important to me than what ever improvement the upgrade might introduce.
  14. Gazumped, ground-up rebuilt, first-aid response to Chrome changes????? What are you talking about? I have the latest updated Chrome browser, have installed the previous Evernote Web Clipper extension 6.13.2 (where everything works like it used to), and, everything works like we know it. So what was the reason for first-aid response????? Could you elaborate on this, or you just telling us something to confuse the readers here!!!! Where is the official statement from Evernote telling us what happened and why?????
  15. Gazumped, I don't care what policy Evernote has, commenting, not commenting, laughing at customers' problems, not laughing or what ever. I'm paying for the service and demand that it works, not being broken but stupid, untested upgrades, nobody wants. They are coming huge with Spaces nobody asked for, nobody wants. I don't understand people here in the forum defending a company, which is breaking everything what has been working before Web Clipper, Android Clipper and so on. Are you getting paid by Evernote?