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  1. Guru, they did, if you go few posts above you will see. But EN ignores all this, they have more important things to do, namely nothing. Nothing gets fixed, it is beyond frustration on EN part and the gurus here, who still defend the company.
  2. Another half a year, and still not reminders!!!! Am I being sarcastic as the guru here suggested? Or will you, the guru refer me to the Scotts posts above, which are obviously pointless and meaningless if they don't materialize. How long are we supposed to wait? We are paying EN to do something!!!!!
  3. And, in addition if somebody doesn't like my posts then consider this: I am a premium paying user for 5 years now, meaning I paid about $350 to this company!!!! In return I cannot correctly perform copy/paste command among other bugs. Is it a joke? Yes it is a big joke. But the gurus here will still defend the damn company, telling me about way around and all the stupid excuses. Give me a break!!!!
  4. I don't care if you confirm the problem or not, if you find a way around or not. I even don't care about some stupid suggestions, that Google should change you tube behavior or the like. What I care about is that the company (EN) doesn't care about the many bugs, bugs which are on the list for long and very long time (if they haven't been removed in the meantime). I care about that the company is ignoring all the paying users, and, is encouraged by the gurus here on the forum to continue to do so. Come on EN, you are not doing us any favor, we are paying a lot for your service, and have the right to expect a good product.
  5. No, you are not the only one, but the gurus here on the forum will tell you, that this is a feature, not a bug. They (the gurus) will always defend EN, obviously they are receiving some rewards from the company. EN, you are not doing us, the paying users, any favor. We are paying for the software, and have full rights to demand a good service in return, not a buggy software.
  6. I thought I am on the ignore list, disappointed.
  7. How do you know they are working long hours? I don't think so, seeing all the released software versions which introduce more bugs than it fixes, lack of testing and lack of QA. Recent example is the Web Clipper. And, how many features have been removed, how many bugs are still outstanding for years. Somebody mentioned here a "loyal customer"; well, there is also a "loyal company". EN doesn't belong to them for sure. Besides, the premium subscription of $70 is not cheap, you pay for Microsoft 365 the same amount and receive a lot more services. So, stop defending the company, and make them work only normal hours, but have them fix things.
  8. EN, why is it, that you always have to damage something what is working, instead of improving? Don't you check it before you make it public? where is your QA? Ridiculous EN!!!!!
  9. What's the point of this very academic discussion?
  10. Another example of EN ignoring the users!!!!
  11. How long the Beta has been there? Why is the Beta causing so many problems and data loss still there? Does EN monitor the Beta or is it free floating there to cause problems? Stop defending the company, which doesn't care about the users!!!
  12. @benkrall fully agree with you. EN doesn't care about user problems, they don't have any quality control, not to mention testing and checking. They have their GURUS here on the forum, who defend them in every situation, no matter what. It doesn't make sense to report the problems here on the forum, because EN doesn't read them, doesn't reply to them. The rest is done by the GURUS. I personally use old versions of the software (ex V6.7 for Windows Client, V8.1 for Android) because I don't trust the company, any new version causes more problems and bugs, and EN relay on the users to find them. The only reason I still use the software, I have too many information in it, too many notes, and don't have the time to transfer them to a different application. Besides, I practically use EN just as a filing cabinet.
  13. So, it is almost 11/2 year, users are complaining about that missing feature!!! But, EN is working on this, correct?
  14. I have Galaxy S7, and it is happening to me to. It plays randomly and is very annoying. Has been reported many times, but EN, as usual doesn't respond, ignoring customers.
  15. Why the "new" or "beta" client is there, if it doesn't work?
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