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  1. Here we go again, EN is suggesting downgrading to fix a problem, which has been fixed before!!!! Why the hell, are they (EN) releasing new versions with old bugs without proper testing and quality control, if they have any at all. And, occurring bugs are not a metaphysical speculation, it is as simple as proper versioning, documentation and quality control.
  2. As I suggested many times, please do not upgrade to new versions. They (EN) are pushing new upgrades without testing, just to have a new version almost every week. They use the customer to test new versions, because there is no quality control in the company. I am using version 6.7.6 and am not planning to upgrade to avoid stress, frustrations and headache. You should as well, just boycott all new versions, maybe they will learn something. To first fix bugs and than bring new features in new versions, which by the way nobody is asking for.
  3. This request is going back to year 2012, people have voted for this again and again. We are in 2018 and it is still not here. That's how EN listens to its customers???? I don't want any guru to comment on this (because I know it would be: "there are more important things to do, but they are reading the forum"). Forget it EN.
  4. Again, the gurus defending the company. How much are you being paid, maybe I will do the same.
  5. It shouldn't be released then!!!!!!
  6. Why? Just see the comments to the newly released v 6.15., few hours ago. Why should I add discussion thread while the entire forum is full of complains about tons of bugs? Just read the forum.
  7. Does it really matter which platform, for sure not the bug free one, because there is none.
  8. Exactly, for the super guru here everything works and is ok, always defending the company and telling he is not working for the company. Really??? Fully agree with you here, branding is more important than anything else.
  9. Why it has to be a feature request, when at some point it has been an implemented feature? This is called Evernote progress. Beside I would be careful what to request, with the geniuses at Evernote they might manage to make the clipper not working at all as we saw it so many times in the past.
  10. And the company is forcing us to upgrade to this buggy version!!!!! This is ridiculous, but for some gurus it will be fine. What a sick situation.
  11. Come on gurus, comment on this, a new bug introduced but it will work for you gurus, right? Everything works for you gurus. That's why the company is able to ignore its cutomer, because the gurus will always defend them.
  12. And what makes you say they are logging everything??? How do you know this??? Are you working for them? I am pretty sure there is no list of all the bugs they introduced with every new version, nobody is controlling this, otherwise they wouldn't repeat the same bugs over and over. There is no quality control, but there is "new branding". Stop defending the company. How come that for the gurus here it always work, while so many customers are complaining.
  13. Microsoft, or any reputable company would never throw on its customers a version with tons of bugs. Evernote is doing that version after version totally ignoring its customers, their feedback and complains. Your last sentence is correct, they are not and will never get it right. With so many bugs and lack of control it is impossible.
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