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  1. Another example of EN ignoring the users!!!!
  2. How long the Beta has been there? Why is the Beta causing so many problems and data loss still there? Does EN monitor the Beta or is it free floating there to cause problems? Stop defending the company, which doesn't care about the users!!!
  3. @benkrall fully agree with you. EN doesn't care about user problems, they don't have any quality control, not to mention testing and checking. They have their GURUS here on the forum, who defend them in every situation, no matter what. It doesn't make sense to report the problems here on the forum, because EN doesn't read them, doesn't reply to them. The rest is done by the GURUS. I personally use old versions of the software (ex V6.7 for Windows Client, V8.1 for Android) because I don't trust the company, any new version causes more problems and bugs, and EN relay on the users to find them. The only reason I still use the software, I have too many information in it, too many notes, and don't have the time to transfer them to a different application. Besides, I practically use EN just as a filing cabinet.
  4. So, it is almost 11/2 year, users are complaining about that missing feature!!! But, EN is working on this, correct?
  5. I have Galaxy S7, and it is happening to me to. It plays randomly and is very annoying. Has been reported many times, but EN, as usual doesn't respond, ignoring customers.
  6. Why the "new" or "beta" client is there, if it doesn't work?
  7. Are you telling us, that the publisher of the website should change the design to comply with Evernote clipper, really?
  8. In the post by Don Dz following Iriska's post, Don Dz says: "The crash I reported above, I can now reproduce consistently, all it takes is to type quickly the following key combinations at the note list: Ctrl-A, Alt-F, then E once or twice. and more....." So what crashes did they fix??? It is a shame, that I as premium user paying for the subscription more than for MS Office 365 am still on version 6.7.6 because I don't trust Evernote.
  9. Evernote, do I understand it correclty???? You are fully aware that the beta crashes and still, you are releasing it as GA!!!! This is a total disrespect to your users, not to mention, that you are even not checking the fact, that the links originally points to a previous version. Do you call it QA??? That's a shame.
  10. Simply do not upgrade!!!! And let Evernote deal with the problems instead of using clients as a testers.
  11. Why even bother to upgrade, it is common for Evernote to release a buggy version, just to have the users test the version for them, how comfortably..... This is called quality control.
  12. Really??? What has a horizontal line to do with performance slowdown????
  13. The same story again, again and again. EN releases a new version without testing and QA. Users are having issues, but the gurus here are never having issues and asking to submit a ticket. A ticket, which is ignored by EN the same way they ignore the users. Makes me sick. Stay on old version, refuse to upgrade!!!!
  14. You are a special guru, for you everything works or you know a work around. EN must be happy to have such a supporter. Open your eyes and look at the posts here above. I am especially sick of your comments.
  15. Some of the Guru's comments here make me and many other sick. Evernote. you feed us bug after bug. I am still on version 6.7 for Windows and old version on Android, because they are better than any new versions you are releasing. EN you should be ashamed, that your user are doing this and posting such a comments.
  16. It is very simple, EN for Android ver. 8.9 should not have been released. It only shows, that EN is not doing even a fundamental testing, not to mention QA. Unless, they (EN) knowingly released a buggy software, which indicates, that they are arrogant and ignorant to customers' needs and issues. In both cases, EN cannot be trusted. We had such a lack of response from EN many times before.
  17. Right on point. Why should we, paying customers try to downgrade or whatsoever? It should be the first thing a reputable company should have done.
  18. What?? My post is unfriendly and not helpful, really???? EN is unfriendly and not helpful, EN is ignorant and arrogant!!!!! How can a reputable company with 225mln users post a buggy software version on Play Store and leave it there for such a long time, with such a significant failure. This is ridiculous and I am not afraid of calling this BS. We are paying for this, just few days ago they charged me $70, for what, I am asking? For constantly monitoring that no new version will be installed on my device, because every new version has more bugs than previous one. Every EN software on my devices is at least few versions old, just to avoid any headache with new installation. A reputable company should be ashamed of having to read such a posts. Stop upgrading, instead make the current versions solid on every platform, and implement thorough testing and quality. With 225 mln users (if it is true) you should have the money and time to do it.
  19. An Issue dragging for almost a month requires a ticket, really????? And from the posts above it seems a ticket has been opened already. Apparently EN is reading the forum, so what did they sleep on this or what? This one is significant!!!! I will open a ticket to cancel my subscription, yes.
  20. Moderators, Gurus where are you if needed.!!!!! The Android v 8.9 is not working now for almost a month. EN it is a BS. Your are forcing us to update to a non-working versions, what a BS. All the time I was careful not to automatically update, one time I skip it and here you go, I got infected with EN, What a BS. And as usual EN is silent, no response. Go to hell. I am a paid subscriber and I want my money back. It happened before, enough of the BS.
  21. Here we go again, EN is suggesting downgrading to fix a problem, which has been fixed before!!!! Why the hell, are they (EN) releasing new versions with old bugs without proper testing and quality control, if they have any at all. And, occurring bugs are not a metaphysical speculation, it is as simple as proper versioning, documentation and quality control.
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