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Safari Web Clipper

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MacOS 10.15.7

Safari 14

When updating the Safari web clipper in the App store, the list of enhancements contained the following:


While in Safari I used the clipper on a web page that contained a NYT opinion piece. I clipped the full page and was not given the opportunity to specify a notebook or add tags. Evernote deposited the bookmark in my World Travel notebook. Does the web clipper not work in Safari 14 is this just the usual Evernote screwup?

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Maybe you can unscrew your own settings. If the option marked with an arrow is selected in the clipper settings, EN tries to guess the notebook based on content.

Select one of the other 2 options, the notebook used before will be used again or a fixed notebook for all clips. Same issue for tags (see below the notebook section).


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As you might recall from my previous message, I referred to the Evernote web clipper in the Safari web browser .  The following screen shot shows the available settings.  Not much to "unscrew."



Your screenshot shows the preferences panel of the Firefox browser.

The entire text announcing the update to the Safari web clipper extension:



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