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  1. I extensively use evernote for both work and non-work related activities. It is a great help in work anything new I learn goes into evernote. Problem - Now I have so many notes there is a need now to group information without the need to copy and paste data from different notes to create a new one. In short to avoid duplication of information. Let me give an e.g. 1. Suppose I have 7 notes containing information on my different projects.Those notes contain some information regarding pricing. 2. I need to some how access the pricing information for all these project quickly. Workaround - 1. Option 1 - I have to create a new note called "pricing" where I copy and paste pricing information from the 7 notes. Drawback - This is not maintainable. 2. Option 2 - I use html style tag like <PRICING> to cover the paragraph along with the search function to get to what I want. Drawback - This is OK but does not work always. Right now - I use Option 1 Is there any solution or can the nice folks in Evernote make this happen in the web version. Keep up the good work Evernote team. Thanks
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