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  1. For what it is worth I appear to be having the same problem(s). Note that I use the desktop version for the most part. I am finding the program VERY SLOW to respond. In fact, the more I look into it the more it appears that the various problems I'm encountering are all related to the slow response time. I just now highlighted text, performed a right-click, and waited. It took about 15 seconds for the popup screen to appear. I have also noted a difference in response depending on the length of the highlighted section. Trying to scroll within a note has also been hit and miss and VERY
  2. Thanks to both for the clarifications. I will lay low and wait to see how Version 10 works out. The "Home" option looks mildly interesting but doesn't look like anything I can't live without for now. Wayne
  3. Hi, I'm confused. I have Evernote (Premium) and I'm using it with Windows 10. I have (309091) Public (CE Build ce-62.6.10954). When I check for updates I'm advised that I have the latest version. As noted in the C. Rhoads comment it appears that there is a later version. If so, why am I getting the message that there is no update? The reason I'm curious (not to mention totally confused as to why there would be a v10.10) is that the "Home" screen recently released is not showing up on my system. In any case any clarification would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I was using Chrome in my earlier post. I should have mentioned that earlier. In the way of an update. With Chrome I could not capture a Bookmark with the site set to either language. I was able to use all the other capture options (Article, Simplified Article, Full Page, and Screenshot). I tried using Firefox and was able to capture a Bookmark with either language option. I was also able to use all the other capture options, as in Chrome. In sum, then the only option that did not work was Chrome/Bookmark. It may just be a Chrome issue but it seems odd that it would only imp
  5. Thanks for the quick response! You've probably hit on the issue. The site in question is a photo archive and is, natively, Hungarian. The link I provided was the English version but I note that your capture is showing the Hungarian version. I'll explore it further. If I find a way around the problem I'll post an update.
  6. Recently I've begun to have problems with bookmarking. I don't have any problems using the other capture options and the bookmark problem only occurs on some sites. Following is an link to one site where I've experienced the problem: https://fortepan.hu/?language=en-US&image_id=57975 When I try to bookmark this site I get a spinning circle. The capture never completes. This seems site specific but it's odd because I've used Evernote for years and never had problems bookmarking sites. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Jeff, Yes. I meant the Clipper. Sorry that I didn't make that clear. When I click on the Web Clipper I see 5 options: "Article", "Simplified Article", Full Page", "Bookmark", and "Screenshot". The "Full Page" and "Screenshot" options appear to work correctly but the others do not. I find it particularly odd that two different pages on the same site produce different results. As I mentioned this has occurred on sites other than the one I provided as an example. Wayne
  8. I've noticed recently that Evernote will not bookmark some pages. When I try to create a bookmark for a problem page Evernote appears to "hang up" and I have to cancel out of it. As an example, the following site bookmarks OK: http://www.jerrysartarama.com But the following page, which is associated with the same site does not bookmark: http://www.jerrysartarama.com/free-art-instruction-videos I would appreciate it if someone could confirm that they are experiencing the same problem. Any ideas as to how to correct it would be appreciated, as well. Thanks,
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