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  1. Have you tried the context feature in Evernote. It literally recommends 'related notes' based on the content of what I'm typing. Also, in the Web Clipper, you can add a widget to your Google searches so that when you search in Google it also shows related notes...
  2. How do you do a reminder based process? I'd love to hear more about the workflow. By inline ink, I just meant that I should be able to insert a handwritten drawing in a text note on desktop. In the current production version on Windows, you can only 'draw' on a separate "Ink Note" which doesn't accept text... Although on Android you can draw in a text note...
  3. Evernote is currently under stiff competition and lots of pressure from users to keep updating and improving UI, features etc. I wanted to write a little bit about why I love Evernote as someone who has used it for five years and has stuck with it even though I tried out competitors. I really think this stuff will be broadly applicable, even if some of it might sound particular to how I use Evernote. I hope that Evernote will be able to overcome the competition, keep adding amazing features, but keep what makes it special. Evernote is the Secret Weapon I knew I was hooked on Evernote
  4. The annotate feature is really really great in a way that isn't evident till you use it. Here's what I do: I am on Windows and use the WIN+SHIFT+S shortcut to screenshot a section of the screen and it copies to the clipboard I have CTRL+SHIFT+V as my global shortcut to paste to Evernote I have asked Evernote to immediately open Annotate when I save an image... I use Annotate's arrows, boxes, highlights, symbols and ink to augment the image. It's a really powerful workflow. Visual is very important.
  5. Evernote and the productivity community have really helped me think through how I organize everything I have to do. Actually building up my internal system has been really useful, and I've gotten to a point where it's functional in every sense and not just nice to look at like many productivity systems. Evernote's powerful tags and searching features are indispensable.
  6. So I'm out of university but I love carrying on with learning. Here are some tools I use to facilitate my learning which might be useful to you life long learners, as well as how I integrate the whole system with Evernote. 1. Mindmapping I use SimpleMind, which has a free version and pro version. It's a very visual tool and its easy to create super attractive mindmaps. SimpleMind has a great notes tool which means each 'bubble' on a mindmap can actually store note text. 2. Wiki System I use ZimWiki but I've used WikidPad in the past and some people prefer TiddlyWiki. Thes
  7. This is a year late but something I used to love doing was this: 1. Create a windows shortcut for notepad (I created a shortcut with CTRL+ALT+Z) which would automatically open notepad 2. Create an evernote import folder (Tools > Import Folders... > Add...) and set it to auto import your note. 3. Everytime you want to create a plain text note, open up notepad with your shortcut and then write and save it to the import folder. I got so quick at it because I was having issues with the Evernote note editor. You don't even have to save the note - once you have written your
  8. If it comes to creating a new note the windows shortcut CTRL+ALT+N creates a new note window. CTRL+ALT+V will paste whatever is copied on your clipboard into evernote. I find it really really useful for images and screenshots - I just take a screenshot in windows using WIN+SHIFT+S to get the snipper then as soon as I've snipped what I want I paste to Evernote with CTRL+ALT+V.
  9. When I paste directly from a SQL query to a code block in Evernote, it introduces spaces in some places So a term like 'Special Formula' will become 'Special Formula' with two spaces between the words Unfortunately, this has a big effect if the space is introduced between terms in a string you are looking for. SQL wouldn't match 'Special Formula' with two spaces. So you can't copy back and forth between SQL and Evernote code block text. The normal text seems to not make that error, so I've switched back to using tables to store my code snippets (or saving text files/query
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