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  1. Old thread - but here's my take I've had to replace the Windows Store version with the 'standard' download. One of the most annoying issues was the 'Send to' shortcut in File Manager - with Store version, because it placed in 'C:\Program Files\WindowsApps' - you need to go through additional steps to find out where the executable is located And it's not just the version number - Windows Store also appears to assign a suffix that makes your task even more difficult Basically my Send to shortcut was breaking with every version change. :-( /C
  2. I use a Firefox Add-in called SQLite Manager The tag_attr table stores the tags you're looking for. I use the following SQL scripts to copy the tags into a table ready for export. I perform a nested lookup (SQL2) to the grandparent level to better view tag collections Simple to export to Excel and run a Pivot table report /fancy printing Best /Cuchulain --SQL1: need to execute this once CREATE TABLE tag_attr_export (grandparent_name TEXT DEFAULT NULL COLLATE NOCASE, grandparent_uid INTEGER DEFAULT NULL, parent_name TEXT DEFAULT
  3. Hi folks, I querying the SQLite DB directly and have had some strange encounters with the timestamp fields. From what I can gather they are supposed to be based on the Unix Epoch of 1970-01-01 This timestamp; 736012.8334375 is 2016/02/18 21:00 but trying multiple variants such as select datetime(((((736012.8334375)*1000/60)/60)/24), 'unixepoch'), datetime(((736012.8334375)), 'unixepoch'), datetime(736012.8334375, 'unixepoch'), strftime('%s', 'now'), strftime('7736012.8334375', 'unixepoch'), datetime(736012.8334375, 'unixepoch') Just gives "1970-01-01 02:21:58","1970-
  4. Hi wbroek,

    Did you ever solve the problem of when the evernote timestamp is based from.

    I've been trying to work it out to but can't 

    SELECT datetime(736019.4148958334*1000 ,'unixepoch') , strftime('%s', '736019.4148958334', 'unixepoch'), strftime('%s','2016-01-01 02:34:56'), strftime('%s','now');

    It like it might be seconds from 01.01.1983 of something bizarre.


    Any assistance would be appreciated


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