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  1. Msbo-197, Perhaps our friends in this thread can answer better than I can. I'm a newbie. I'm using Evernote with an Evernote Premium account on a Windows 10 desktop computer. Once I've moved a PDF into Evernote (which can be done several ways), I can annotate it by right-clicking on it and choosing either "Annotate This PDF" or "Annotate a Copy of This PDF." As we've said in this thread, to annotation tools are clunky. But they work for me. Attached is a little screenshot.
  2. Line spacing support is essential.
  3. Mine wasn't an upgrade. I'm switching over from OneNote. So (as far as I could see) I was only offered the current version in the download process.
  4. THANKS to Dave, Human and Ruudhein for your helpful replies. For the version of Evernote that I'm running ( on my Windows 10 Pro (Build 16299.192) desktop, Ruudhein seems to have the answer. When I right-click in the PDF, it gives me those same options in the menu. That's good. But, to be honest, the annotation tool is not very elegant. The font is too chunky for my purposes, including the ability to write more than a couple words. I'll continue learning. But thanks again to you for your comments! --Fulton
  5. I've bought PREMIUM so I can annotate PDFs on my WINDOWS 10 computer, but I don't see the annotate button when I try. One page (here) says I can do it (in the "start annotating" section, under WINDOWS), but I see elsewhere (here) that Windows doesn't have that even in Premium. Which is right? What do I do?
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