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  1. Can anyone from evernote tell us when the following long requested features will be implemented? Multi-select NotesMerge notesIt seems that no one has taken it seriously since the beta. It's almost one year already. I am quite disappointed.
  2. Since the new version of Evernote Web is out of beta, please make sure the "Merge notes" feature is available ASAP. I am a bit dissatisfied that this feature has been requested for almost a year, but it has not been addressed properly.
  3. Thanks csihilling for the Excel tips. I would like to add that we can use Excel's "conditional formatting" to highlight duplicates easily. Here is a tutorial: Find Duplicates in Excel:http://www.excel-easy.com/examples/find-duplicates.html
  4. I echoed that "Merging Notes" is an important feature that I used daily. Furthermore, I missed the multiple select, batch move, batch delete etc. However, I must admit that I like the new web UI design generally. It just needs more functional features.
  5. "Share by email" is one of my favourite feature in evernote web and also all evernote clients. Although email is old-fashioned, it is still one important communication channel in the internet. Emails will last for long while Facebook, web pages may die. Please bring it back!
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