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  1. Ah, good to hear you can do this with Windows. As a Mac user it's not available.
  2. For my use-case running a business through Evernote, I would really appreciate being able to add specific Notebooks to Shortcuts, rather than going through the top-level notebook and then going into the folder. Doing so would save time, and increase my productivity. Currently, one can only save notes to the Shortcut menu. In other words, if the notebook could be added through right-clicking that would be fantastic.
  3. The switching costs of going to another application are too high. I just tried Nimbus Note, which does a fair job. But the things that Evernote has in my workflow just aren't worth switching to another app. Therefore it's very much a circumstance lock-in. In which case, until Ian leads the development to make numerous sub-folders in stacks, I'll stay with Evernote. At which point hell might freeze over. Here are a three points where I'm confident Evernote creates value above the competition: Encrypting text OCR and Screencapture Integration into OSx
  4. A conversation I had on Reddit shows that the development debt is why we can't have second and third level notebooks. The following post on Reddit in the Evernote forum is added because of the clarity of the response. I would prefer to stay with Evernote, but with so many openly talking about Notion and moving over to it, Evernote must do something about this before too long, or it will lose business users. Also it would be nice to not get the same catch-all answer "use tags".
  5. Thanks DTLow, I was thinking about the discussion you posted. Moh.io is no longer in business from the looks of it now. I'm certainly not going to hold my breath about the M&A, but we will see if this gets any feedback. Thanks also for noting that you use mind mapping. I find that using mind mapping allow for seeing new connections and ideas with information, which is why I want to use it for my notes. In essence, without a large change in the app in a decade, having a mind map for Evernote for premium and business users that already use one is low hanging fruit. htt
  6. Creating mind maps is one of the most consistent questions by Evernote users. I would love to be able to find new ideas from the notes I have created and kept. Using a well established map making service would get this done. Which is why I suggest Evernote to acquire through M&A 'The Brain' if they are willing to sell. I haven't been using it for a long time, but I can see that it's a seamless experience on par with Evernote, and get the company to meet the customer goal for mind mapping without internal development and other assets and priorities already on the roadmap. The company T
  7. Just shared this on Twitter with the goal of increasing the votes up so it will be taken seriously and acted upon. Just used Adobe Cloud and was able to configure third and fourth level folders without trouble. This should not be an issue for the development team IMHO. Share this in your community to get it voted up also.
  8. Quoting from "Looking Ahead: Evernote’s Priorities for 2019" by CEO Ian Small The above quote from the CEO Ian Small, about loyalty and the goal of honesty act as a springboard for this feature request. A public roadmap offers a way to build trust with the Evernote user base. It provides users with the ability to see which feature requests are being worked on and it's an asset that can be touched on in the inside Evernote videos. It's part of opening the kimono, to regain lost trust by loyal users. Many companies use Trello, Asana, and other kanban-based planning tools to m
  9. In reply to your query, the issue is not about field2 or field1. The missing feature is second level organization. The attached image explains was I am looking for, with the OSX/Linux operating system. I have also attached a short of my own Evernote account to show that I use Notebooks primarily and stay away from tags. I have used tags in the past, and I've been using Evernote for over a decade. Evernote would do well and be smart to update the Notebook feature for premium and business users. Ian the CEO and the team are more user focused than previously which is good, but the features,
  10. Hi Engberg, thanks for your feedback. But again, the use-case I am looking for simply does not work for tags. Tags are not Notebooks. Notebooks work much better for my use case, specifically because of the actions that can be used within Evernote with notebooks. More to the point, you can't share an item, idea, picture, our audio to a tag, in the same way you can to a notebook. Also, in terms of organization tags are messy, while notebooks are clean, in my view. It is for that reason that I do not find the tag workflow as worthwhile as the notebook workflow. And, from the negative vo
  11. Thanks, Steve, I noticed the other post and saw the depth of posts on it. Apologies for the duplication. Regarding tags, that's not a good use case from my perspective for what I'm using. I used tags before, and it became far too complex and overly un-organized.
  12. It would be outstanding if I could add a third-level stack organization in my Evernote Premium notebook organization. My specific use case is for independent information for files related to each project, and business process without getting too detailed. I'm certain this would be popular as more organization offers more productivity. Currently I can only create a notebook and drag it into another notebook, so perhaps this feature request is for stacks within stacks. Thanks
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