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  1. Thanks for your response. Definitely disappointing and crazy that they would downgrade the feature so much. Importing the contact info into contacts on the phone is essential. Why would anyone want to maintain two separate contact databases - one in IOS and one in Evernote? Having said that, I see that I can call or email from the Evernote contact, so not clear why you indicated otherwise. A phone number field shows a call and text icon, whereas the email field shows an email icon, all of which trigger actions. Thanks again and hoping someone at Evernote is paying attention....
  2. I used to be able to import my scanned business cards into my Contacts on my iphone, but no longer see this ability. Is this feature no longer available, and if so, is it in the works to bring back? It is truly a key feature and without it, scanning cards into Evernote Doesn't provide much benefit.
  3. Fair enough, thanks. I did discover that an icon for Ink Notes can be added to the toolbar, so that is quite helpful.
  4. Thanks but it doesn't make any reference to my second or third question.
  5. Just bought a Surface Pro and am excited to start taking ink notes in Evernote. Few questions: 1) Is there a quick way to start an ink note and/or to change a regular note to an ink note? The only way I found so far is File/New Note,/Ink Note - seems cumbersome, especially if in the field and adding multiple notes 2) Are ink notes searchable 3) Are ink notes convertible into text? Thanks!
  6. Indeed, I made one after realizing the problem!! Thanks By the way, Cronofy is a wonderfully useful (and free ) app. Two way syncing of reminders to Google Calendar is a great feature.
  7. So sorry - just realized I use Cronofy to sync. Apparently 3rd party apps to be reauthorized annually, so mine had expired. Thanks!
  8. I noticed in the last couple of days that my reminders are not being synced on Google Calendar. I wrote to support and they responded that such syncing is no longer supported (although Outlook apparently is). This sounds extremely bizarre so I am questioning whether it is true. Does anyone know what is going on? Why would they stop supporting something so fundamental? And if they really did, is there a workaround? What good are reminders if I can't see them in my calendar? Any feedback would be very appreciated! Thanks
  9. Thanks. I find it really odd that such basic search features are not available. They used to brag about how practically anything is searchable. it's a shame.
  10. ahh, that's a shame. Thanks for the feedback. I suppose the only work around is to search across multiple notebooks - is that possible and/or do you have any other workaround suggestions?
  11. Is there a way to search across all notebooks but exclude one of them? I can't seem to figure out the syntax for such a search. Thanks!
  12. Hi Dave, thanks for your response. All devices were on the same network, and I did check the web client and it worked there too, so the mystery remains. In the meantime, all working now so not end of world, but I do get paranoid, especially since data has indeed been corrupted in the past.
  13. A large number of my notes were showing as "unavailable" in the desktop windows client about 20 minutes ago. However, as I write this post, the notes have reappeared. So, even though I now have access to them, I am concerned why I wasn't able to access them earlier. Was there a server problem perhaps? I did check my IOS devices and the notes were available there, so it is quite odd and I am worried about the integrity of my data. Has anyone seen this previously? Also, when I clicked into a specific note, it showed something like - "note is not accessible. Check your Activity Log"
  14. Thanks for all the feedback. Hopefully this is monitored and the developers can see how much sense it makes to display the time and we can spend our time on better things than work arounds :))
  15. Thanks - I am pretty much hooked on Snippet View, so it doesn't appear this works in that view. Is there a way to see the time next to the due date shown in the title bar of the note panel?
  16. Notes that have reminders show the due date in the title bar, but not the actual time of day. To get the time of day, it looks like you have to click on the clock, then choose Change Date, which is obviously cumbersome. Is there a way to display both the date and time due? Thanks!
  17. Since you are having the exact same issue, there is clearly a big bug in the iphone app. Sure hope this is monitored by Evernote and they get on it. Just FYI - I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, and seems to be working now. Obviously shouldn't have to go through that process, but at least it is a fix until they solve the problem. Good luck!
  18. If I didn't use the correct user name and password, none of the notes would show up. In this case, it is only showing a small subset.
  19. All of a sudden my iphone shows I have a total of 4 notes (the reality is 20k plus over ten years). Any idea what is going on? All other clients seems fine (desktop, web and Ipad). Thanks. A bit nervewracking, as you can imagine.
  20. Does anyone know how to generate the different links on a PC? The only choices seem to be "Copy Internal Link", "Copy Shareable Link" (which is public). I don't see the private link choice.
  21. Thanks but how is each created?
  22. It looks like the behavior of shared links has changed and I could use some advice/confirmation. I often create a shared link to insert into other apps I use (like rememberthe milk, etc). Today I noticed that the link (created via right clicking on the note (in the Windows client), the choosing Share/Copy Shareable Link) takes me to a webpage that shows the note, but doesn't require me to be logged into Evernote. This leads to a few questions: 1) Are the links readable by anyone? It used to be that only someone logged into my Evernote account could access them. Obviously I would prefer th
  23. Yep, I am aware it is, which is part of the reason I went with another app - seems like Evernote has stopped supporting so many of their extra products, so I suspect a company dedicated to scanning would be best. Just not clear to me where Evernote is headed at this point. i have been a loyal user for ten years, but my confidence in their future is much less these days.
  24. I did try that, and you are correct that it doesn't do anything. So, I decided just to use Scanner Pro - it scans as a pdf and saves directly into Evernote. Thanks to everyone that responded. I guess sometimes the best solution is a third party.
  25. When I take a photo inside Evernote, it seems to always save the file as a png file. Is it possible to save as a pdf instead? Also, is it possible to view a png as an attachment in a note, rather than viewing the entire picture (like in a pdf)? Thanks
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