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  1. Can no longer drag a note from any kind of list view, left, onto a tag in the sidebar in order to tag it. Was always a speedy and organised way of grabbing single or multiple notes and physically dragging to tag quickly - now not working. When you drag the note/s, nothing happens. I suppose we would consider this a "removed" feature and a casualty of the move to electron. I really miss this for effective organising.
  2. I raised this as a bug in beta testing. A real issue for me too. It completely stops quick navigation and decision making in its tracks.
  3. yea, this one is massively annoying to me. I do so much in screen image capture straight to a note and this was a mainstay of my workflow.
  4. " Can not have a search and then choose a different view, so notes only visible in 'card' style, which is NOT good for how I want to use the results of the search " I raised that bug in beta. I guess they didn't regard it as an issue.
  5. That's a fallback workaround at best. One that I have also regretfully had to implement - NOT what a long term premium subscriber should be prepared to accept. This release was ill advised and badly tested.
  6. Navigating up or down through a "list" view of notes does not auto-update the note preview - I have to click on a new note in the list to activate a note preview refresh. Deal breaker as slows down the ability to skim through notes quickly to tag or select for moving. Have had to revert to EN Legacy as a result.
  7. Me neither - One of my most used features. Dealbreaker for me and have switched back to EN Legacy as a result.
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