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  1. At the moment the dialog simply requests you confirm your action. However, especially on larger displays, the ellipses for the notebook you are deleting is far away from the name so there is that opportunity or error. Secondly if you are asking for confirmation I would like to know what I am confirming.
  2. You can use the ` character to start and end some text in a paragraph. Like `this text here`. Press space after the closing ` character it gets converted to inline code. Some things to note: if you use the `. combination it will not convert it, it needs to be a space. To get around that just press space then backspace to move back to add your fullstop. This is an Evernote 10+ feature.
  3. The inline code styling font and background feels to large, it overlaps each other code blocks and takes up too much space in the text.
  4. I am seeing a noticeable and visible pause before notes open on the desktop version - loading and rendering notes. This is compounded when the note is a large text note or there is a PDF or other document to be loaded as well. The responsiveness of the old evernote desktop was much quicker. I understand this is PWA now which I am all in favour of, however loading, veiwing, searching and quickly getting information out of Evernote is the reason why I use it. I am happy for the application to cache and stash the entire note database locally on each device (maybe not mobile) the power o
  5. This, this, this! I work in IT and have no real need for Word style formatting. I just want to store plain text notes and have a global font setting so I can change the monospace font and size for all notes, to my current monospace font of choice. This is currently an absolute nightmare. New -> Note New -> Plain Text Note or as others have stated have entire notebooks configured to be plain text.
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