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  1. Why, thank you very much, gazumped, with a typical reply from a company (or shill) who does not believe that *paying* customers should be listened to. I, nor *ANYONE ELSE* has attempted to *DICTATE* the next developments. Everyone, so far as the posts I can see on this subject had politely requested over a period of almost TWO YEARS for this anomaly to be fixed. Only after Evernote apparently ignoring these requests did I add my 2 cents, "FIX IT". I have paid *MUCH* money to Evernote over the years though only using their service on what I could have had for free. I believe in paying
  2. This is coming up to 2 years since disable autoformatting in Android was requested by many. I have been with Evernote since almost the beginning and paid on the spot every single year even though my usage is extremely minimal. When Evernote cease listening to paying customers, then I cease paying money to Evernote. If this unwanted "feature" still cannot be disabled come my renewal date you will not get another penny from me. After 2 years the time of polite requests is long past. Fix it!
  3. Did Evernote *ever* take note of the multiple complaints re the change of icon colour? If so, I have never seen an answer. "You are old, Father DuvidJay," the young Evernote Man said And your eyes are exceedingly poor! Do NOT bother us with such petty complaints [about Green Elephants] For we look for the subs from the ... ... Massive company sign-ups which we now wish to handle as against your own, singular, whining, whingeing complaints about the *colour* of the Elephant in your task-tray! Your Tasktray is of no interest to us! For *WE* are the future! Evernote
  4. Well, from all the "informative messages" I have received from Evernote, plus this silly change of the colour of the icon, I now definitely have noted in my Google Calendar that Evernote's renewal must be cancelled. I've been with Evernote almost from the beginning as a personal user. I use it only for myself; I use it as an aide-memoire to enter reminders of time and date when I have taken certain medications which must not be repeated withing a certain timespell. I have paid for Evernote Premium since one month after trying the free edition and being more than satisfied with all it coul
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