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  1. Create a setting for users to decide where the focus goes on new notes, title or note body.
  2. Have a setting to allow hiding / showing the templates button on iOS.
  3. Allow for a note to be in multiple notebooks, so that it can be shared with different groups of users, without having to duplicate (or multiply) it.
  4. allow users to set up how they want to see images (e.g. inline, attachement, minimized, etc) on notes.
  5. Allow shared notes to show as HTML so they will look more like browser window, making the evernote branding image optional.
  6. Make available, on mobiles (iOS and Android) the clipping options available on clipper for laptops. For example, the possibility to clip a bookmark only instead of the full article.
  7. At notebook level, it would be great to have: notebook annotations notebooks reminder (alarms)
  8. Simplify the photo taking process to make it easier to take photos when one is in a rush. E.g. Reduce the number of clicks required to get to taking the photo. Add an option to take fast photo, if we want to capture an address on an advertising which is on a moving bus. It would be also be interesting to be able to configure auto photo : Just clicking on the option Evernote would by iself open the camera, focus and snap a photo :).
  9. If possible please move the bullet indent/outdent icons to the bar with the bullets as those are very frequently used sequentially and it is time consuming to continually have to hit the extra buttons to make it happen.
  10. Inside a note, for instance, if in a note you have a check list with 3 topics: - a - b - c to be able to different dates/reminders to each? - a 31/Aug - b 5/Sep - c c 28/Aug
  11. It will be nice to be able to have a config to decide, when adding a picture, to see it fully or instead a small icon is created (and when you click on the icon then pictures will appear on the screen that way).
  12. Create a setting to be able to view the complete title on all devices
  13. Add the possibility to add and edit a description of the bookmark in a simple manner when the bookmark is created.
  14. Create additional setting for the view options, so that one can defined , for instance, the density of the notes in the notes list (similar to what gmail has) thus allowing more notes (or at list note titles) to be seen on the screen.
  15. Create an option, as exists for Evernote on other devices, to disabel auto format on android
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