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  1. Looking forward to seeing work chat being improved and notifications of updates on spaces , notebooks for business users
  2. Will the business Spaces feature be worked on aswell currently we use spaces but dread the workchat and heavily want a floating chat to share EN notes and better notifications of notebook updates and message notifications and grouping of users in chats.
  3. The issue is the app is stagnant which can be indicative of issues within. For Pete sake Penultimate hasn’t been updated significantly since the IPAD AIR!!!! I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of updates.
  4. The issue is concerning considering a MAJOR update of any significance hasn’t been done or mentioned. It’s getting increasingly concerning.
  5. I’m a long time user from Free account to Premium to Business Evernote is not doing significant updates to the product that allow this software to remain on the competitive edge of must wanted features. Things that are making me want to switch to another platform if this doesn’t improve or until BEAR releases a enterprise product. Evernote Business work chat SUCKS a) No notifications like any modern message app b) No floating message icon so you can COLLBORATE AND WORK via spaces? Bizarre omission c) takes a act of congress to add remove users in an active chat. It has the capability to be the perfect in app work chat but it SUCKS and hasn’t been updated to anything a modern floating point chat cliente does within a app. Literally collaborating with iWork or MS Office software is easier than trying to collaborate with work chat. Do you know what we have to do as business users export all EN file conversations to iMessage because work chat doesn’t allow you to do anything spaces is designed to do. It’s insane how bad it is and how bad it hasn’t been updated by now. EN Pencil support: I mean where is the support? Got a bunch of iPads want to take notes and not sketches because its crappy handwriting guess what....it’s incredibly limiting. Not only the writing pencil feature doesn’t allow you to have lined ruled pages and also doesn’t have a unlimited page option to write freely. Oh lets say EN gives the corporate differ to another solution message of use Penultimate. Well guys i have a great realization or you Penultimate hasn’t been updated with BASIC UPDATES OR ANY ATTENTION from EN for over a YEAR!!! That’s right folks no annotation no modern features the app looks like it did with a minor UI refresh for when iPads first came out with the jot script stylus’s. WHY ISNT THIS BEING UPDATED? Apple Watch Support? Well there is none lets say you want to take a audio note on your watch folks guess what....YOU CANT PLAY IT BACK ON YOUR WATCH LMFAO. That’s right the Apple Watch app has been pending a fix since the first gen Apple Watch and we are on series 4 from apple and still cant play a file thats recorded on the watch to playback on the watch speaker. TO DO LIST UPDATES!! That’s folks you take the tedious times to compile a to do list in EN guess what happens when you complete a box IT DOESNT STRIKE THROUGH ON ANY IOS DEVICE PERIOD. Not only that it doesn’t go away disappear or anything. You literally just created bullets for no reason and might aswell used the native device to do list because YOU CAN ACTUALLY COMPLETE A TO DO LIST AND WHEN YOU SHARE THOSE LISTS THE SHARED USERS GET NOTIFICATIONS!!!! WOW!!! Why on Evernotes green elephant hasn’t this been updated? Creating great tables? Guess what not on a iPad Pro Bud!!! Yes you can download MS Office and iWork and do full tables along with infinite cells and rows but on a new iPad which is more powerful than majority of laptops ENs software is so powerful it cannot create a tablet. Buisness users rejoice you pay per user for a product that cannot do a basic table but EVERY OTHER PRODUCTIVITY APP CAN DO THIS? What on Evernotes Green Elephant is going on here? Are you guys out of office indefinitely? Evernote Space changes notifications Do you have a business team that loves to edit things in difffent times; you ever want to keep up with the changes done to your notebooks and spaces well fear NOT you better check ever darn space’s dashboard but EN will give you ZERO and i mean ZERO updates via in app notifications to any Space, Notebook or note. THIS IS TRULY THE DEFINITION OF FACETIME!!! And when they finally come out with a big update...you know the one that encompasses what the users in the forums want....the ones that predate the iPhone 5S that haven’t been updated or the iPad 4 ..EN has your back with DARK MODE You guessed it the heck with all your must have features use the software as is with the comfort of dark backgrounds and lit PDFs that will surely make you forget all the lack of progression of this software. Keep on posting about spaces for personal or any updates IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!. By then BEAR will have created a product or anyone else thats roughly 10 years ahead of EN because as much as i love Evernote its simply not keeping up with anything MODERN. Will Evernote EVER UPDATE THIS APP????
  6. I expect judging by ENs lack of interest in updating the product to fix these things we wont see a fix or a update until we all wait for BEAR to release a enterprise version which is soon. EN is will probably release a Darkish mode by then and we all will be complaining the same things for years while they stagnate for some reason thats beyond comprehension. UPDATE EVERNOTE!!!!
  7. I currently utilize Notability, however i could easily not use it anymore if the EN writing feature was literally 1.1% better then it was now at basic writing and infinite page masking in a note book. The bar is very low to just be able to stay into Evernote instead of multiple apps to send back into EN.
  8. It’s not rocket silence to convert the sketch option into a writing based solution. They just need to add more to the core in terms of handwriting recognition. They can easily add writing templates and allow EN to offer Penultimate level writing via Apple Pencil without having to be forced to go out of the Evernote ecosystem. I have never understood why they just dont update sketch to be a writing tool. The same way they integrated Skitch can be applied to EN and a proper Apple Pencil writing feature. I shouldn’t have to export my hand writing meeting notes to EN every time every day simply because the Sketch Feature is unless.
  9. I am experiencing the samething we get ZERO change note notifications in notification center and its VERY Annoying.
  10. Looks like Autocorrect edited my "Pinned" word to Printed. My apologies.
  11. I appreciate the printing example, however i meant "Pin" such as Pinned notes in Spaces not Print. Currently IOS cannot add or remove Pinned items from the spaces dashboard which forces you to ditch the app and go on to safari to do so; that or run to a MacBook. Not optimal.
  12. I have been asking Evernote to expand its apple pencil notation ability for years, i have no idea why they are not answering the call. In meetings people don't want to just SKETCH they want to write notes and pin them in spaces. Currently writing in Evernote via the apple pencil is a chore because there are no lined template pages to write on, the notes are not infinite and Evernote forces you to use another app. Penultimate is simple horrid dated and looks like its been left to pasture with zero focus on expanding its tool set and for all intensive purposes it looks abandoned.
  13. Currently the business product is disjointed with workflows not allowing pins to be created or removed in IOS on our iPad Pros making people load the website on the same device. You guys have got have basic parity with workflow experiences so people don't have to exist the IOS native app and literally load a website on safari to edit and pins basic notes via "Spaces". Extremely frustrating
  14. Im still waiting for IOS to be updated for business users to add and remove pins on spaces. Huge overbite not to include this on IOS. Extremely frustrating to run to a web browser to do this instead of the app.
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