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  1. Rblover69

    Penultimate Update?

    Totally abandoned
  2. Workchat is in separate need of integration into spaces, this separate experience ruins my current colllboration flow workchat needs to always be present and have far more notifications alerts in IOS pro devices as i never know when I get a message. It also needs to not be a separate experience it should be floating or always there so you can go into a space and chat while shifting PLEASE FIX WORKCHAT on IOS PRO DEVICES AND PHONES!!!
  3. Rblover69

    How are you using Spaces?

    I’m frustrated with how work chat is integrated into Evernote business if I’m working in a space to which we primarily work on ipad pros 12.9s a notification should pop up with the message either floating or like a text message to respond to while still working. Currently using work chart is like using a separate application that really is disjointed while collaborative working on Pro IOS devices. You guys really need to fix the notifications of work chat on pro IOS devices and phones and allow collaborative work to be done while chatting instead of this exist out of work chat get back in concept which defeats the whole purpose of spaces. Again we want this on IOS devices.