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  1. Rblover69

    Apple Pencil and Note Taking With Evernote

    I currently utilize Notability, however i could easily not use it anymore if the EN writing feature was literally 1.1% better then it was now at basic writing and infinite page masking in a note book. The bar is very low to just be able to stay into Evernote instead of multiple apps to send back into EN.
  2. Rblover69

    Merge Penultimate and Evernote

    It’s not rocket silence to convert the sketch option into a writing based solution. They just need to add more to the core in terms of handwriting recognition. They can easily add writing templates and allow EN to offer Penultimate level writing via Apple Pencil without having to be forced to go out of the Evernote ecosystem. I have never understood why they just dont update sketch to be a writing tool. The same way they integrated Skitch can be applied to EN and a proper Apple Pencil writing feature. I shouldn’t have to export my hand writing meeting notes to EN every time every day simply because the Sketch Feature is unless.
  3. I am experiencing the samething we get ZERO change note notifications in notification center and its VERY Annoying.
  4. Rblover69

    Printing from Evernote for iOS

    Looks like Autocorrect edited my "Pinned" word to Printed. My apologies.
  5. I appreciate the printing example, however i meant "Pin" such as Pinned notes in Spaces not Print. Currently IOS cannot add or remove Pinned items from the spaces dashboard which forces you to ditch the app and go on to safari to do so; that or run to a MacBook. Not optimal.
  6. I have been asking Evernote to expand its apple pencil notation ability for years, i have no idea why they are not answering the call. In meetings people don't want to just SKETCH they want to write notes and pin them in spaces. Currently writing in Evernote via the apple pencil is a chore because there are no lined template pages to write on, the notes are not infinite and Evernote forces you to use another app. Penultimate is simple horrid dated and looks like its been left to pasture with zero focus on expanding its tool set and for all intensive purposes it looks abandoned.
  7. Currently the business product is disjointed with workflows not allowing pins to be created or removed in IOS on our iPad Pros making people load the website on the same device. You guys have got have basic parity with workflow experiences so people don't have to exist the IOS native app and literally load a website on safari to edit and pins basic notes via "Spaces". Extremely frustrating
  8. Rblover69

    Pinned Notes in Spaces

    Im still waiting for IOS to be updated for business users to add and remove pins on spaces. Huge overbite not to include this on IOS. Extremely frustrating to run to a web browser to do this instead of the app.
  9. Rblover69

    Penultimate Update?

    Totally abandoned
  10. Rblover69

    What’s missing from Evernote Spaces

    Workchat is in separate need of integration into spaces, this separate experience ruins my current colllboration flow workchat needs to always be present and have far more notifications alerts in IOS pro devices as i never know when I get a message. It also needs to not be a separate experience it should be floating or always there so you can go into a space and chat while shifting PLEASE FIX WORKCHAT on IOS PRO DEVICES AND PHONES!!!
  11. Rblover69

    How are you using Spaces?

    I’m frustrated with how work chat is integrated into Evernote business if I’m working in a space to which we primarily work on ipad pros 12.9s a notification should pop up with the message either floating or like a text message to respond to while still working. Currently using work chart is like using a separate application that really is disjointed while collaborative working on Pro IOS devices. You guys really need to fix the notifications of work chat on pro IOS devices and phones and allow collaborative work to be done while chatting instead of this exist out of work chat get back in concept which defeats the whole purpose of spaces. Again we want this on IOS devices.