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  1. Just wanted to say i truly loved Evernote, ( My team Primarily uses iPad Pros and thats how EN is engaged 24-7) however the slow updates to improve the quality of the iPad Pro app and lack of answering the needs on Evernote Business ( Table Implementation on the iPad Pro is beyond horrible from desktop, for Pete sake the Apple Watch can record Audio in Evernote but not play it in its own player 🤦🏽‍♂️ ) is just becoming to much to deal with. As a team we loved EN possibility, its powerful ability to have everything in one app quick and simple and easy to share with spaces in teams. But every
  2. But things are not that simple especially for business users like myself who want basic features added or fixed rather to collaborate better with heavy EN usage and content spanning years. If things where simple EN would update their engine to support modern features or even iPad Pros. For users especially those who want EN to do more than Dark mode; its a bit more complex then simply dumping a Dropbox. Whats nice about the younger companies is their ability to add features in a timely fashion. Users feature request X they time table it and it releases. However EN not so much; Im one of the OG
  3. That would defeat the purpose of wanting to merge those features onto one platform. I currently use Notability, however one would want the sketch feature on EN to be slightly modified to offer more to utilize one platform. I’m hoping you are wrong and they see value in a simply writing platform for note taking with the Apple Pencil.
  4. How about a sketch tool that has lined pages and was more featured for the Apple Pencil.
  5. But concerning Evernote iPad OS gives no more power to app development than the current development tools in terms of access to metal etc. I’m very frustrated on how Evernote gimps the iPad version.
  6. There is no technical reason why the iPad cannot have parity. The only reason is because the Dev team is treating it like a resized iphone application. If you look at One Note, Bear, Notion they are pushing the limits of what iPad Pros can do while Evernote is treating the iPad Pro rather lackluster in comparison to the desktop. I use my iPad Pro more than my 3K MBP and prefer it to the MBP and think its ridiculous that it doesn’t have feature parity.
  7. Looking forward to seeing work chat being improved and notifications of updates on spaces , notebooks for business users
  8. Will the business Spaces feature be worked on aswell currently we use spaces but dread the workchat and heavily want a floating chat to share EN notes and better notifications of notebook updates and message notifications and grouping of users in chats.
  9. The issue is the app is stagnant which can be indicative of issues within. For Pete sake Penultimate hasn’t been updated significantly since the IPAD AIR!!!! I’m becoming increasingly concerned with the lack of updates.
  10. The issue is concerning considering a MAJOR update of any significance hasn’t been done or mentioned. It’s getting increasingly concerning.
  11. I’m a long time user from Free account to Premium to Business Evernote is not doing significant updates to the product that allow this software to remain on the competitive edge of must wanted features. Things that are making me want to switch to another platform if this doesn’t improve or until BEAR releases a enterprise product. Evernote Business work chat SUCKS a) No notifications like any modern message app b) No floating message icon so you can COLLBORATE AND WORK via spaces? Bizarre omission c) takes a act of congress to add remove users in an active chat. It has the
  12. I expect judging by ENs lack of interest in updating the product to fix these things we wont see a fix or a update until we all wait for BEAR to release a enterprise version which is soon. EN is will probably release a Darkish mode by then and we all will be complaining the same things for years while they stagnate for some reason thats beyond comprehension. UPDATE EVERNOTE!!!!
  13. It’s not rocket silence to convert the sketch option into a writing based solution. They just need to add more to the core in terms of handwriting recognition. They can easily add writing templates and allow EN to offer Penultimate level writing via Apple Pencil without having to be forced to go out of the Evernote ecosystem. I have never understood why they just dont update sketch to be a writing tool. The same way they integrated Skitch can be applied to EN and a proper Apple Pencil writing feature. I shouldn’t have to export my hand writing meeting notes to EN every time every day simply be
  14. I am experiencing the samething we get ZERO change note notifications in notification center and its VERY Annoying.
  15. Looks like Autocorrect edited my "Pinned" word to Printed. My apologies.
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