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  1. Interesting info, thanks PinkElephant. Interesting to hear that import and catalog is the weak spot.
  2. Eagerly awaiting iPadOS myself. I’m surprised to hear about photo editing. I don’t do much of that myself so I have little experience with the heavy end of editing of photos. Are the apps not full featured enough? Or is it the RAW still not supported on iPads etc?
  3. I can count on one hand the number of things I can’t do on my iPad. Everything I do is on my iPad/iPhone/Apple Watch.
  4. Wondering if Evernote is planning on implementing all the features of Evernote in iOS? Like many people I don’t use my Mac except when I absolutely have to. Merging notes on Evernote? Yeah, that’s one of the few times I boot up my Mac. After trying many programs, I’m coming back around to using Evernote for everything instead of just as an archive. It’s a really great program, but any program that isn’t giving me the full features in iOS is at a disadvantage, because I have no intention of replacing my Mac when it dies.
  5. This is the one feature I am still waiting on. I stopped using Evernote for homeschooling, though I keep looking at it periodically. But as a recipe book Evernote would be ideal. Unfortunately the thumbnail snippet needs to be the image I choose. Otherwise it doesn’t do any good. Why are we still waiting on this feature?
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