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  1. You should try cooking a recipe with Evernote on iOS or iPadOS. Just when you think you have everything under control the damn thing will refresh the screen mess up your state of culinary flow
  2. So whats the next step? How do we get this change into the product backlog for Evernote to fix?
  3. I am glad I am not the only one having this problem, which I have had for almost a year. I hope Evernote product managers will do something about it. Does anyone know how to code on a feature request? In this case removing and unwanted feature or a limitation. The Notes app in IOS is actually much better than you think. It now has sharing folders capability and amazing handwriting support and UI. Sadly no tags. Also it’s not cross platform but that’s ok for many people I have tried notability but it does not same plain text to Evernote. Also it’s a hack that should not exist in the first place
  4. Whenever editing a note there is a timeout in iOS evernote where it forces a refresh and loose cursor position and default to initial view as if you have just opened a note. This is especially annoying with longer notes that require scrolling. Scenario: if you want to take notes walking or in a meeting you cant just pull out your phone to write down information. There is almost always a lot of friction to resume content editing. Its ridiculous. Surely there is a way to sync notes to the server without distracting user from the most important task - content creation The timeout occurs when switching apps or after a brief phone sleep. Apparently its a normal behaviour confirmed by support. After syncing and crashing this has to be one of the most annoying features in the product that will eventually force me to switch to apple Notes app, which is excellent and free Evernote really needs to get its product development act together, start listening to customers and stop product fragmentation chaos. I hope the new CEO gets what product development is. There is a lot of competition in the market already!
  5. Hi guys For great markdown support try https://www.notion.so/ You can also import your Evernote notebooks. I feel like Evernote have has lost its ability to innovate long time ago and there are all these new products in the market that are drastically rethinking knowledge management
  6. Same problem with on iPhone XS and latest everything. The app is slow. I have 15k notes
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