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  1. What are the new shortcuts to box search, jump to title, jump to tags, create a code block, etc on Mac? Also, why do you change the keyboard shortcuts from a version to another? The practical knowledge of the UI and its shortcut take time to integrate as muscle memory and is a bigger part of user productivity, that you would destroy that when trying to upgrade your software seems counterproductive. Nice updates otherwise but I am back to being really slow around the software and was considering the pros and cons of switching to another one. Best H
  2. Thanks for your reply but the mac version is not limited to showing you recent searches, it lists matching notes and notebooks dynamically as you type, it is much, much more powerful than the Windows version:
  3. The Evernote mac search box function (Command + J) is a key feature that I use throughout the day to retrieve specific notes or jump to notebooks, it's not available on PC. The CTR + Q Windows search version does not show results dynamically or let you preview as you type, you need to launch the search and see if you got lucky, then if you did, click on the searched note to open it. In short, we need the same search/jump box function on Windows, please.
  4. you can highlight straight in "annotations" by holding Shift and then highlight. I agree it would be great to have different colors for highlights, it's a nice way to categorise the text. see what Adobe Acrobat Reader has done, it's great and simple.
  5. Good evening, As a researcher I deal with large amounts of texts using dedicated apps like Nvivo or Atlas.ti, or for lit Qiqqa. the principle of theses QADQAS or ref manager is the same: tagging portions of texts with nodes/tags/categories so then you can do a transversal reading of all your data by category or topic. I would love to have this feature in Evernote, which I use mainly to type in and archive my field notes and web article clips. So far you can tag an entire note, but you cannot assign a particular bit of text to a tag, this is really too bad in my opinion. Other note taking software allow this feature (Microsoft couterpart) and many of my colleagues have now either started or migrated to that other software partly because they do support tagging datum/particuler selections of text. But overall I love Evernote so I wish we could have this feature in a near future. This is a long shot, but if you are a user who would also like this feature please do not hesitate to reply to this post to show your support to this request. Thanks
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