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  1. When I type in the search box suggestions are somewhat sluggish. I am used to getting instant results. I think it has to do with the fact that the new app is actually a web app in a wrapper and there is an intentional delay between every key strokes. It makes sense for a web app since every key stroke is a cost to Evernote backend but offline it makes no sense at all. I have a fully spec'ed macbook pro 2019. Compute is not a problem I have also created the following Alfred 4 workflow (powerpack upgrade required) with this apple script to open the search box automatically when called tell application "Evernote" -- Bring app to the front, starting it if necessary activate end tell -- Simulate CMD+CTRL+F --tell application "System Events" to keystroke "f" using {control down, down option} tell application "System Events" delay 0.3 keystroke "f" using {option down, command down} keystroke "a" using {command down} end tell Its a shame tabs are now gone
  2. Hi all, is there a quick find function in the new version? It was cmd-j before I think. I am using alt-ctrl-f but the search is very slow. I am wondering if there is another way of quickly finding notes. Also, has anyone been able to get multiple tabs working somehow ? Thanks
  3. Yep but the Evernote UI does not support easily linking notes. Even the new beta UI does not. Its takes quite a few clicks to link pages. Its almost not worth it. There is no UI elements for hashtags. Evernote is document level. Roam research is block level with version control, and allows you to generate a concept map from your notes. Like what https://www.thebrain.com/ does, but in a less clunky way
  4. Just came across this service that allows to create link different notes roamresearch.com The service offers a better way of organising information
  5. Ping support again I would say. These betas are always limited in numbers because engineers have to support users, which slows down the actual public release
  6. Evernote needs a better customer engagement model too. I have about 6k note and assumed that everyone in the program would have been extended an invite see if this TestFlight link works for you. It may not be individual. I would click this cautiously since there is probably a backend flag that needs to be enabled for the new UI to work on your account https://testflight.apple.com/v1/invite/c26c88c49aa44b31b265edbb7b369db5a05042ff946e49f084a5678bdcb098ad10cbde0c?ct=Evernote&advp=10000&platform=ios
  7. I am glad it helped :) in a unqualified estimate, I think we are still some months away from a public release. The beta is a rewrite of the UI. Having said that anyone can participate in a beta program if you are willing to take the risk of the app crashing and features not working at all
  8. hi folks I have just tried the new beta v10 on iphone and the loading issue seems to be gone. I have not used it in anger yet. The beta is buggy but overall its mostly usable. The new editor looks snappier and now has an edit button, which should hopefully completely eliminate sync conflicts. Its looking good.I wish there was vector based drawing capability, but what we have seems to be good enough. Thanks to the engineering team
  9. The short answer:On the iPad use the split screen to avoid switching. The long one: My guess is the app has become too big over time and takes up too much memory. I wonder if it would help actually removing all the local notes as removing that index FROM memory. The problem is not easily fixed. IOS memory management must have changed over time. How would you go about making an app lean when all of the pieces are being used? Rewrite is expensive and time-consuming. As we all know Evernote has accumulated a lot of technical debt over the years due to mismanagement. Instead of removing they kept on adding across all of the platforms to drive sales. That can only go so long. That’s what happens when you have a sales / mba guy running a startup company. It stops being a startup and develops antibodies to innovation. The new CEO seems to get it. Evernote maintained multiple versions of the same thing across all of the platforms. There was and still is feature fragmentation. The engineering team is now paying for it and sales are going down due to competition external innovation. At some point the whole thing could implode, but I really hope it doesn’t. Evernote is an OK family of products that I hope one day becomes an awesome product once again. The native experience is still the key but users are now also demanding a web experience too. Luckily they have fixed the backend six months ago. That was really ageing based on my customer experience. There is a beta program and the fix in the works. I think the fix is somewhere between a preview and a beta
  10. Is it possible to create a tag hierarchy? How can apple script help me traverse through without having to search for the next tag?
  11. Yep. Thanks for providing the script. I hope it gets productised
  12. That’s very helpful! Thanks searching for tag_tagname1 found and even highlighted the hashtag within text. the last step is to make this a UI element to make traversing related notes easily. It’s like walking along a web in a mind map
  13. so you are saying if I include “tag_tagname1” In my note or a document I will be able to find this note when I search “tagname1” tag? Or does it just mean this gets bumped in relevancy score in search? How quickly does Evernote re-index notes?
  14. Dropbox Paper has it working brilliantly: From doco: How to use hashtags as labels for search You can make search more powerful by using hashtags in your docs. Hashtags are clickable within a doc and you can use search to find all docs within your company that contain the same hashtag. For example, type "#dogs" anywhere in your document. Then, to use this hashtag in search, type the hashtag and keyword (in this case "#dogs"). The results show all accessible docs containing that hashtag.
  15. I dont understand how this has not been implemented yet
  16. Could that be just an excuse for not willingness to change your ways? Is there a sunk cost fallacy involved? No tool is a perfect match for all of your existing mental shortcuts, but we quickly find a way to adapt. I find myself wondering if there is a way to solve the search problem by simply having a better black box search? For instance, would the simplicity of Dropbox's Paper deliver better result? Alternatively, would having the ability to organise your notes in hierarchies instead of flat list yield a better discoverability - Notion? Evenote lacks 'magical' simplicity. We have to put in the extra effort to organise our notes to improve the search relevancy. What alternatives have you looked at? Notion and Paper come to mind. What else? Update: Notion has databases. Dropbox has hashes.
  17. One way to fix the memory bloat problem of the native iOS app is by deprecating it in favour of the more modern web app, which could also have a webview native shell. We would lose offline mode though. I am speculating that the offline mode is useful mostly for speed optimisation - better UX. Unfortunately, having a bloated native app also causes UX problems. With the current generation of mobile devices network is no longer a bottleneck. www.notion.so are doing it pretty well. Maybe it's time to poach some of their engineers, while its not too late I think users should be given choice between the native and the web app experiences on mobile. It's currently not possible. Why not? I am hoping the new web UI was designed for this use-case. If not, then you have bigger problems to worry about than this UX issue. The CTO has to make the right choices. The CEO has to make hard choices and not pay us the lip service on the podcast. Simply send us an update with new features delivered monthly and delight instead of frustrating us
  18. Totally not true. Modern note apps like Dropbox Paper, Notion, Apple Notes and many others mentioned in the thread do not have this problem. They are multitasking friendly. Besides, the solution you are proposing does not work anyway. Here I have closed all apps, restarted my iPhone X, opened Evernote with a particular note. A few minutes later I have opened the Evernote app (again). It was still the only app in the background. Video demonstration below. I am guessing you don’t use Evernote in the way many people in this thread do. The spinning wheel sits there longer typically. Also you can’t expect me to close all the apps every time. It’s not how iOS was designed. The last thing I want to do is rearrange my life around an app because it has a software design problem. It would be good if product managers came forward and simply said that it’s either too hard to tune it or just not a priority at the moment because the engineering team is still buried in technical debt. https://www.dropbox.com/s/fge9lb55pw15cvc/RPReplay_Final1587204434.mov?dl=0
  19. The problem is much more annoying on iPhone especially when you have a long note open. Try appending to a note quickly when you are on a conference call.. It will drive you insane. I have never seen the problem go away on any of my devices: iPad Pro or iPhone X
  20. hey guys I believe several people on this thread, including myself, have raised a ticked last year, but it was never resolved. I have started using Apple Notes as it now has all the basic features and is super friendly. If you could do everyone a favour and submit a ticket with a URL to this thread product managers may re-prioritise this. You can do it quite easily from the app itself. I am not sure if the problem is easily addressable since Evernote is a very much a legacy service with poorly managed fragmented teams. There was a recent backend re-design but I did absolutely nothing for addressing these burning UX problems. I think even the new web version exhibits this behaviour. I have not checked lately though.
  21. You should try cooking a recipe with Evernote on iOS or iPadOS. Just when you think you have everything under control the damn thing will refresh the screen mess up your state of culinary flow
  22. So whats the next step? How do we get this change into the product backlog for Evernote to fix?
  23. I am glad I am not the only one having this problem, which I have had for almost a year. I hope Evernote product managers will do something about it. Does anyone know how to code on a feature request? In this case removing and unwanted feature or a limitation. The Notes app in IOS is actually much better than you think. It now has sharing folders capability and amazing handwriting support and UI. Sadly no tags. Also it’s not cross platform but that’s ok for many people I have tried notability but it does not same plain text to Evernote. Also it’s a hack that should not exist in the first place
  24. Whenever editing a note there is a timeout in iOS evernote where it forces a refresh and loose cursor position and default to initial view as if you have just opened a note. This is especially annoying with longer notes that require scrolling. Scenario: if you want to take notes walking or in a meeting you cant just pull out your phone to write down information. There is almost always a lot of friction to resume content editing. Its ridiculous. Surely there is a way to sync notes to the server without distracting user from the most important task - content creation The timeout occurs when switching apps or after a brief phone sleep. Apparently its a normal behaviour confirmed by support. After syncing and crashing this has to be one of the most annoying features in the product that will eventually force me to switch to apple Notes app, which is excellent and free Evernote really needs to get its product development act together, start listening to customers and stop product fragmentation chaos. I hope the new CEO gets what product development is. There is a lot of competition in the market already!
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