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  1. Thanks for your reply. I'm using Mac OS. Yes, I understand it can be used the way you suggest and that is good for many situations. But often I am working through a list of notes and then when something popups that I have to search for another note, I have to lose that note list and my note in order to search for another. I would rather open another viewer window with the sidebar/note list and work from it for the new activity and be able to close and instantly resume were I left off with the other window. I know you can open the note into a new window but I would rather have quick access to that list and the spot in the list i was working on. Pre-evernote v10 allowed us to do that, every window allowed you to view the sidebar and note list. I hope I have explained that well enough! Thanks again!
  2. Is there a way to add or view the sidebar and note list to any page or window in evernote? It looks like I am limited to only one page/window that I can view that UI. Also, if I close that single window that has the sidebar and note list, there is no option to getting it back. If this is the way evernote functions it is very restrictive. If i have my note up and my careful curated list of notes on the side and someone calls me and I need to access another note, I will lose my note and note list view. I would like to have an option to open another "Note viewer" window. Thanks!
  3. With version 10.8.4, single clicking links is back, but the behavior is still very different from legacy. Upon clicking a link, it opens a separate window, with legacy you remain in that page/window. Usually the user experience in this situation (ie. with browsers and with legacy), clicking a link keeps you in the same window. If you wanted it to open in another window you hold the command key down (control key on windows). I'm curious as to the reasoning behind this approach versus keeping with common practice? I was hoping to finally move to 10.x but this still messes with my work flow significantly, so I'm back to legacy. At the very least can this be an option that can be toggled in the preferences? The default should be that clicking keeps you in the same window and command clicking opens the page in a separate window. Thanks for everyone's efforts on evernote! It is looking really good, anxious to move to 10!
  4. I have also downgraded my evernote because of the impact of this feature on my workflow. I would love to go back to new version but only after this fix. Otherwise I really like many of the new features! Thanks
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