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  1. I'm moving to Notion. This EN update is just awful. When I look at the screen I cringe and want to weep at the same time. Why all this padding? It steals space from my screen. Why can't I use BLACK font so that it's actually visible instead of grey? Why the shortcuts are removed from the horizontal top? What is this. This update slaughtered the formatting of my notes. It feels as if the landlord came over to my house while I was sleeping and redecorated it with a disgusting shade of crushed velvet and put a wallpaper with 'live laugh love' on the walls. And threw away my stuff - because it's his house and he knows best. I have the pro version paid until July and not planning to renew. I never thought it would come to this. Fuming.
  2. Integrating Grammarly with Evernote would be so useful. 😍
  3. Same here... I'm on a new laptop, Windows 10. Evernote for desktop. All was great until the last Evernote's update. 😕 I have to keep restarting the laptop.
  4. Just an update - it turns out I wasn't hacked after all. It was something related to using Web Clipper. It really helped me with improving my online security measures, though! :-)
  5. Thank you for your replies! I submitted a ticket (Ticket# 2848163) and now I'm waiting for a reply.
  6. Thank you for replying, PinkElephant and s2sailor. I'm not sure what could I have done wrong with implementing security measures. I changed my email, password and set up 2FA. Apart from this, I changed most of my passwords and emails, I'm now using a password manager; even the router was changed. There was no malware on the laptop (as far as I can tell). How is it possible, even if someone learned the new password, they were able to access the account without having the codes from 2FA? Unless all my devices, including the mobile phone, are infested with some malware? No, I didn't use a VPN. 😧
  7. Would it be possible for Evernote to send an automatic email once the account was accessed from a different device or IP? I implemented all advised security measures including 2FA, but I found out that my account was accessed yet again from a device from the United States. How is it even possible??
  8. @PinkElephant Thank you for advice! A question - since resetting the password, email and implementing 2FA, Evernote started crashing constantly. Could it possibly be because someone might have injected some virus or something into one of the notes? 😵
  9. I've been hacked too, sadly. My password is listed on the pwned website. 😶 I'm now in the process of changing all the passwords and implementing the security measures that I should have done a long time ago. Unlike others, my account was accessed from California only, with various IPs via Evernote Web. Would you say that it looks more like one person has been repeatedly accessing the account (to snoop!) rather than random hackers checking out potential cryptocurrencies or whatnot? Surely it's impossible to tell, but I'm just wondering how much damage could it potentially be? Thanks.
  10. Thank you mphmph for a great tip with printing out in Chrome! It works, not perfectly (doesn't print colour properly) but it's a good solution. I hope that Evernote will solve this problem and printing tables won't be an issue.
  11. +1 This is such a basic feature, it should be included.
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