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  1. Are you on Windows OS? I'm not. The link only shows apple store, google store, microsoft store. I don't see any other links. Microsoft store wants me to sign in then tells me it doesn't see supported device. If I need to be on Windows to have a different download presentation, I suppose I can get it at work on Mon. I'm done with Windows at home. I've mostly been Linux for personal use for the last 11 years or so... When I took over my wife's last laptop, I chose to run Linux in VM solely for the purpose of the Evernote client in Windows. It's the only tool I use that doesn't have native Linux client. Eventually I became so frustrated with the poor performance of Windows I reformatted to Linux only and it's like I got a new laptop with 5x the horsepower. I plan to experiment with Wine, but if I'm ultimately stuck with web clients at home it's by far the lesser evil. Here's a screenshot of what I see below. I thought there used to be a generic right-click save as option.
  2. F#*# me, I seem to be finding that Windows version is only .appx now?
  3. Is there a way to get the Microsoft installer as a downloadable file. The Microsoft cartel seems to only offer a drive by install from MS store.
  4. Surveys are inherently an intrusion of privacy, and just one of the myriad ways inconsiderate businesses add to the inefficiencies of life. If I respond at all it's with lowest possible score, with a comment like "If you really impress you'll hear from me, if you really disappoint you'll hear from me, otherwise leave me in peace if you want to keep my business."
  5. Upon further review... still good but varies a lot site by site. I think it's more an issue with the target site than Pocket. The first test subjects were very open, generally uncluttered well organized sites to begin with. At that level the main difference between EN and Pocket is that EN only (I believe) renders the raw web view usually less attractively than default browser. Pocket by default renders the 'reader' view, generally more elegantly than the default browsers 'reader' view. However, the more gated, ad laden, commercialized sites, typically magazine type or newspapers seem to block the rendering of the 'reader' view. Pocket still allows you to select web view, but not really any better than the default browser. My own tastes tend towards more institutional/educational sites and blogs so I hope to still get a lot of mileage out Pocket.
  6. Trying out a new tablet workflow today. While I've had generally good results with desktop browsers and web clipper, the android share of web pages to Evernote has been less than stellar. I had been intending to dabble with pocket anyway as temporary storage for 'someday' articles that interested me, then pushing to Evernote if more than novel interest. Also thought saving to Pocket for interim period would be cleaner than creating offline notebooks for offline reading. Well, on android at least Pocket excels at formatting web pages beautifully; a better analogue to the simplified format of the desktop clipper. If deemed worthy of long term storage, Pocket sends to Evernote with the Pocket formatting pretty much in tact. I like it so much I've been going through some of my commonly referenced notes and beautifying them through Pocket.
  7. Similar with Nozbe. In general key is to have a routine. You MUST review the list on scheduled basis. Reminder can help you not miss a critical due date, but it's context in most software is not to be a constant reminder, it's a one time milestone. What you can have is a repeating task to review the list, which is the primary purpose of Nozbe for me, repeating tasks for any reason. Others can likely do this as well, but it was first one I came across with direct integration to EN. Reminders in EN become tasks in Nozbe. Changing dates/completing updates both ways. Putting off undesirables is something I struggle with as well, eventually you just need to suck it up or matters typically just worsen.
  8. Evernote works just fine for me. Also notetaking app entails more than just the editor. It's ease of creating the note, typing the note, fetching the note. All these things work more than adequately for me. Agreed, it's not the 'prettiest' editor, but I don't need much. I've previously had text editor based note taking systems. Sure I'll use Word or something to create a professional, distributable document, but every day use; a simple text editor is more than adequate and much more efficient. Opens faster, no formatting concerns, etc. The Evernote editor works just fine in this context. And as eluded to here: Cloud services in general pale to well developed desktop apps. The general premise of cloud typically means you are always using a beta, features change from under feet with little to no notice, you're riding on a fast moving train whether you like it or not. There's no longer the opportunity to sit on warm cozy release until it becomes obsolete, then move to the next stable release, or migrate away. In the race to out do competitors, features are released half baked. Even in my industry stable respected desktop apps are being migrated to cloud services that are thin shells of their former selves. The tradeoff in my case with Evernote is multiplatform accessibility. That in tandem with very powerful search engine greatly outweigh the occasional wart. I intend to be around for quite a while unless the tirades eventually do create a no confidence mass exodus dooming the product. I've tried many other systems in the past including OneNote. Nothing comes close. I've never used a product in so many contexts, from so many physical locations including office, home, gym, airport, shopping etc. I'm never without my notes, or the capability to make a note. What an awesome NOTE TAKING app.
  9. That's awesome, I can live with this solution. Text files have a home in my system now.
  10. I use a 'master' app I've used for years that captures the aggregates like daily weight, hours exercised/day, and distance in case of cycling. Since using Evernote, I use it for any 'routine' based exercise. I keep the workouts in an offline notebook for tablet use away from wifi. Each time I start a new cycle I create a new template(s). When I start the workout I duplicate the template/previous workout. When I get home I can use the create date/update date to capture the time for my master app. The templates are just simple tables with the exercise, weight, sets, reps.
  11. Caught an instance of this happening today. While importing other stuff the files where captured, then deleted, but in the process I noticed an old one that's been 'stuck'. It continued to be stuck until I rebooted my laptop for other reasons. Upon restarting the file was 'reprocessed' getting deleted this time, but now I have two. Today's and one from several days ago I originally put the file in the import folder. It seemed to have imported correctly since I've made use it, from Evernote in between. It's just that somehow the delete trigger got missed. On another note something else mildly annoying, are phantom note modifications. In the specific case today, it was a web clipping. Does anyone know if Evernote see's web page updates and syncs? Also, there seems to be times when just touching a note triggers an update. Maybe some key got inadvertently touched, inserting space or line feed or something; but it would be nice if update timestamps were a little more reliable. I like on the mobile apps that there's checkmark to complete an edit , at least on 'droid.
  12. Ironically, my wife still like paper lists, so that means screen capture with iPhone, then use annotate to cross them off:)
  13. Maybe general purpose would have been better description. The editor is more than adequate for my needs which are capture go, capture go, capture go. When it's time to breath and organize, the organizational capability is awesome. The search and retrieval are awesome. I use it adequately for project management, task management, notes, and doc storage. The import feature is very efficient. Forwarding mail to Evernote is very efficient. The web clipper is adequate. The screen capture from mobile is adequate, the screen capture from desktop more than meets my needs. I manage my receipts for business expenses. I use it to mock up screenshots for tutorials. I use it for grocery shopping, running errands, travel itineraries, travel logging, workout plans, workout logs, etc. I'm still finding new uses. And it's more than adequate across every platform that I use ios, android, windows, Linux (well, just adequate through browser).
  14. OneNote just never worked for me. I don't like the layout or any of the workflows I tried. Document storage there was minimal, but had many things I didn't like. The SharePoint aspect sounds like a lot work, maybe not too bad once setup. Also, maybe not too bad if managing yourself for only your stuff. My experience when used in enterprise system is lots of giggles and groans with performance and reliability. Also like having a few tools outside the monopoly. Despite the occasional wart I come across I still feel like Evernote is one of the best all round software tools I've ever used.
  15. Ugh, right click manually add attachment is even worse. No indication of the original file name. Makes 'Add an Attachment' kind of a misnomer. You really just auto create a new note with pre-populated text, with no legacy of the original file. I know there's workarounds, just really defeats the import folder benefit.
  16. Windows Client I know with PDF you have choice to view inline or as attachment. By default it seems text files are inline. I don't see anyway to select view as attachment. Is there a setting somewhere to alter behavior? One product I work with exports configurations as text files. They can be quite large. Rendering the text inline takes too long to make saving these files in Evernote practical. The other ironic thing to note is that the url points to the import folder as the location of the file. Not so if set to delete, which I imagine is the more common setting. Also url likely not true unless pointing as something like Dropbox.
  17. Yeah, I recall one of the times I thought I was hacked for a moment. I had totally forgotten creating the original note, then it came back to me as I was reading it that it was created weeks ago.
  18. Import folders empty, across computers where I use it.
  19. It's set to delete. I'll double check it didn't 'get stuck', but normally the folder clears out.
  20. Upon further examination, this a duplicate. Also is a note generated by dumping file into import folder.
  21. I've been noticing every couple of weeks, month(?); a note that was created days/weeks ago shows up in inbox as if just created for first time. Currently at, but pretty sure this has been going on at least one version back.
  22. My only thoughts are something like Adobe Photoshop, or GIMP open source, but likely only (2) at best, not (1). I'm not in Apple ecosystem, but always perceived them to be the 'artists' OS; so maybe they have stuff like this. Also may have better luck researching what marketers, advertisers, and/or folks that digitize the magazines professionally. Maybe there's forums for those interests out there somewhere. Likely any software they use is on commercial cost scale which is magnitudes higher than retail in many cases.
  23. 100% agreed. Edit:This is stuck in my brain now. The most annoying thing is these cowards (all of this ilk, not just EN) rarely send these emails from identifiable human sources. The real source is obfuscated along with some bs, like 'sent from unmonitored automated system'. They can dish it out, but can't take the heat of the deserved backlash. I'd love to see how many hours a year are wasted in the workplace on the disposition of spam that circumvents the filters. And further you still have to occasionally check and tune the filters, more time wasted on account of thugs, yes they're stealing my time and invading my privacy, getting away with unethical behavior in the name of capitalism. Now that I know the behavior I'll likely never share. I don't want to be the guy passing this disease around.
  24. It's weird it doesn't appear to be exposed in the body as the typical icon, but the status bar implies it is there. 'Other: 1' is how my notes with xlsx appear in status. Also, the size seems large for an empty note. More global files show up like 'PDF: 1'. So maybe corrupted note? One other thing I'll add is it requires an xlsx friendly app, so I personally avoid MS type attachments except for indexing of work records where the app is supplied by employer.
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