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  1. I have yet to click on it since these are typically only one year discounts, so need to decide if going forward I really WANT Premium FULL price LONG TERM as I certainly don't NEED it. However while signed into my account I have offers to upgrade which would seem only to make sense if upgrade not new, so maybe depends on the origination of the link as to the context.
  2. Who knows, and how repeatable? Just thought it was worth mentioning there was a process of hope, that could be tried proactively in shorter time frame.
  3. Correct however one image was missing, but maybe some type of unrecoverable corruption with that image was cause of remaining never synch-ing (5 days). FWIW the app had been shutdown and reopened multiple times as well, at least in foreground. I never did a hard reset of the phone like after iOS upgrade or something.
  4. I always felt like managing the photo album would be a hassle, but this is not first hiccup with photo note, so may reconsider.
  5. Interesting follow-up. I was at the dentist today and took a photo note of my next appointment card. Upon taking the snapshot, it wanted to append to the 'buffered' previous 'crashed' process. Two of the three images I had taken previously were still there. Unfortunately, the missing one was the most significant, but the other two could provide some context if someone were to try to scam me, so better than nothing. It was only upon taking a new photo, that there was any sign of remnants hanging around.
  6. Thanks, there's several possibilities. Crashed saving maybe not cached, crashed synching potentially cashed, potentially cleans up after sync, but crashed so potentially didn't cleanup after sync. The few file apps I looked at seem to only give you more detail into what's already accessible, and visibility to external file systems. Potentially I could give them more access and see more, but I hate doing that with third party app. Would be much nicer if local utility for permission elevation to see the root system, like Linux sudo.
  7. The operator error aspect of how this happened is somewhat embarrassing, but suffice it to say the app crashed while saving photo note of someone's info I needed. In the process of departing words I failed to notice the crash. I now am missing that info, and no way to make contact with this person. A compounding factor was the stupid up sell to premium for business card scanning. It's annoying in general, but no, not every small form factor piece of paper is a business card. Even more frustrating when you can't correctly identify the thing you're up selling. But I digress, does any know if the photos are cached locally and if so any way to retrieve. I'm fearful that even if cached iOS is so restrictive (soapbox for another day), that it will be difficult to retrieve.
  8. Like a few others have mentioned I only have two layers. A very generalized parent with a symbol prefix. The symbol prefix helps give context to the child. The children are moderately generalized. I use tags for general filtering then intitle, content type, and content keywords in note for specifics. This allows for relatively few tags. I'll likely still evolve over time as I only have 3k notes. For instance: tag:#fitness intitle:shoulder rehab
  9. FYI, I had this same issue because I was trying to pre-download it from a Linux OS. If it doesn't recognize your OS it won't offer you the download. Lame in my opinion. I don't understand why there can't just be a hyperlink to the file; everything is so 'walled garden' these days. Later when I was at my Windows OS just going to the download page initiated the download without clicking anything additional. Maybe some kind of security setting is blocking that for you. Walled gardens..... I could go off the deep end on that subject; but suffice it to say thanks Apple🤨, the grandfather of restricted access.
  10. Somewhat along the same lines, in terms of unpredictability.... I experimented with creating notes in iOS Notes to see if/how much better editor was than Evernote, then sent the notes to Evernote. I decided I didn't like that workflow, so deleted the notes in iOS Note, deleted the Evernote notes and all was fine across all clients. Some days later I opened iOS Evernote, the deleted notes were back and synched with all the other clients again. Again a minor annoyance in comparison to the overall value I get out, but weird stuff does happen.
  11. I've seen many instances, can't say for sure which clients, where notes update for no apparent for reason. Most likely the web client. For me it's just annoying that the sort order changed due to it. Just saying, it happens, so I have some sympathy. You might do a search to get it into view, but don't dare touch the body, once the cursor is in the note anything can happen.
  12. I understand wanting the option, but auto title is one of my favorite features of desktop app. I'm disappointed it's not in the other clients I use.
  13. Sorry to OP for for hijacking the thread. Thanks for the great suggestions.
  14. I'm using the limited free version. The primary limitation is you can only manage 5 projects, but I have a pretty good system for managing projects within Evernote. I have two projects in Nozbe. "Processed" where I move my inbox stuff once I've assigned a category to it. These are reminders that auto update from Evernote. The status of those reminders sync both ways. It would be nice if there was tag/category synching, but I only keep about 5 or so categories in Nozbe as context for todos. The other project is repeating reminders. I create those directly in Nozbe, mostly mundane stuff like the trash needs to be set out Wed. evening. I really like the calendar view as well. I'm so happy with Nozbe I sometimes feel guilty about not paying, but the lowest paid tier is more than Evernote Premium. I would strongly consider paying for an in between level if one ever became available.
  15. Yeah I went down the rabbit hole with that a while back, trying decide what was best, what was adequate, etc., etc. as the mechanism. Then one master password, category passwords, passwords for every file? Then I started chasing other squirrels.... and never made a decision.
  16. I think the nozbe integration to evernote is awesome. LINUX (yeah 5 stars just for that!), iOS, windows, web. I believe android, but not kindle store, web version works well on kindle. Really no discernible difference between apps and web, apps just feel more convenient.
  17. I prefer keeping them separate. The notes themselves can be sorted by creation date or update date. You can bind/categorize them by tags as well as keywords in title. Also, at least with paid subscription searches will find words in the receipt images themselves. If using the desktop app the top list view is very handy for various sorting tag metadata.
  18. Ha, at first I thought maybe this was going to be about apprehension, because that's what I have about going paperless. On the sensitivity scale, there's still a large number of sensitive documents I'm just not comfortable putting in the cloud. I know there's people that might argue most of my stuff is already in the cloud by various providers of insurance, finance etc. However I have little control over much of it, short of putting my money in a hole in the ground; but why go ahead and put it in even one more place of my own volition? Maybe someday. Anyway, I've been pretty fortunate so far regarding the actual subject, my distance vision continues to degrade in tiny increments, but I can still read pretty easily and monitor distance is just right.
  19. I've watched a few of the videos in this series, and regardless of the content I really enjoy the style. To me it's a refreshing change from many of the product videos I watch with regard to my profession.
  20. Are you on Windows OS? I'm not. The link only shows apple store, google store, microsoft store. I don't see any other links. Microsoft store wants me to sign in then tells me it doesn't see supported device. If I need to be on Windows to have a different download presentation, I suppose I can get it at work on Mon. I'm done with Windows at home. I've mostly been Linux for personal use for the last 11 years or so... When I took over my wife's last laptop, I chose to run Linux in VM solely for the purpose of the Evernote client in Windows. It's the only tool I use that doesn't have native Linux client. Eventually I became so frustrated with the poor performance of Windows I reformatted to Linux only and it's like I got a new laptop with 5x the horsepower. I plan to experiment with Wine, but if I'm ultimately stuck with web clients at home it's by far the lesser evil. Here's a screenshot of what I see below. I thought there used to be a generic right-click save as option.
  21. F#*# me, I seem to be finding that Windows version is only .appx now?
  22. Is there a way to get the Microsoft installer as a downloadable file. The Microsoft cartel seems to only offer a drive by install from MS store.
  23. Surveys are inherently an intrusion of privacy, and just one of the myriad ways inconsiderate businesses add to the inefficiencies of life. If I respond at all it's with lowest possible score, with a comment like "If you really impress you'll hear from me, if you really disappoint you'll hear from me, otherwise leave me in peace if you want to keep my business."
  24. Upon further review... still good but varies a lot site by site. I think it's more an issue with the target site than Pocket. The first test subjects were very open, generally uncluttered well organized sites to begin with. At that level the main difference between EN and Pocket is that EN only (I believe) renders the raw web view usually less attractively than default browser. Pocket by default renders the 'reader' view, generally more elegantly than the default browsers 'reader' view. However, the more gated, ad laden, commercialized sites, typically magazine type or newspapers seem to block the rendering of the 'reader' view. Pocket still allows you to select web view, but not really any better than the default browser. My own tastes tend towards more institutional/educational sites and blogs so I hope to still get a lot of mileage out Pocket.
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