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  1. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Cursor jumps to the Title of the Note

    This problem is still happening when using the Windows 10 virtual keyboard (tablet mode). Evernote behaves badly in tablet mode, an urgent update is required.
  2. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Integration with contracts

    All my contacts are in the clouds, I have no problem having them in ICloud, Google or Microsoft Outlook. My problem is not knowing how, without copying them, have them at my disposal in Evernote so I can make list with contacts that will be opened in the Contacts application. I don't know how to relate contacts in the native Contacts application, either IOS or Android, with notes without the need to copy them into Evernote.
  3. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Integration with contracts

    Nowadays I use Android and Windows 10, however I intend to use Mac and IOS again. What do you mean by cloud, iCloud?
  4. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Integration with contracts

    I think the best place for contacts is in the contracts app. I want to be able to create a note that lists contacts by name that are in my contacts application, I want to be able to touch the name in the list and than open that contact in the contact app. I can't find a way to do that in any note app, all note apps copy contacts and duplicate information making it difficult to user manage it. I want a solution for that.
  5. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Perdi as alterações feitas na nota

    Se não me engano só existe a opção de controle de versão para assinantes, se você usa a gratuita então já era. Se é assinante use a opção de informação da nota e procure o histórico. Uma alternativa é você migrar para o OneNote caso não esteja satisfeito, eu mudei.
  6. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Old done reminders on Android are confused

    Looks like that the problem is something related to more of one interaction of Evernote asking for resources from Android. For make it clear take this use case as example: I start Evernote through App Icon, I do something in Evernote then I go to another app, then I go back to Evernote after some time through another way, through share as example, now maybe the first interaction ask and don't release system resources, now the trap is active, the new interaction can't save. To avoid the problem I always close all apps after do something. I'm not sure about it.
  7. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Old done reminders on Android are confused

    I still looking for. Maybe, if you have a good mobile Internet connection, you could use Google Inbox, Keep and Drive. Keep is good to capture things then you can compile information on Google Drive. You could use Google Drive to create relationship between notes with links like Evernote. Finally you can use Google Inbox to manage tasks.
  8. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Old done reminders on Android are confused

    "Search to check for done" is a great workaround in front of a desktop but terrible on a mobile device, In fact being an workaround is already bad. After 3 times that I lost new insertion or a new note entirely on my tablet I changed my system, now I do everyting on my Galaxy Note Tab trough S Note, and others Samsung tools, then in the end of the day I do a copy of everything in Evernote, now my system is redundant.
  9. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Perdi as alterações feitas na nota

    É a terceira vez que eu perdi uma nova nota inteira, sempre aconteceu quando eu estava usando o Evernote no meu tablet Galaxy Tab A, não importa se a conexão é boa ou não, parece um problema no aplicativo. Estou perdendo a confiança, tenho perdido Tempo esperando cada sincronização com apreensão, sem querer escrever outra nota durantae a sincronização. A versão de Windows não me agrada também, não da suporte a toque e é um aplicativo obsoleto, muito diferente da versão para Mac. Já estou procurando uma alternativa, mas até agora sem sucesso.
  10. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Missed changes made to a note

    Once again I lost my notes, this time almost the whole text has been lost, very frustrating. There really is some problem with Evernote for Android. Unfortunately I'm losing confidence in the tool, I'll probably migrate to Google Docs.
  11. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Perdi as alterações feitas na nota

    Mais uma vez eu perdi minhas edições, desta vez quase o texto todo se perdeu, muito frustrante. Realmente existe algum problema no Evernote para Android. Infelizmente estou perdendo a confiança na ferramenta, provavelmente vou migrar para o Google Docs.
  12. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Old done reminders on Android are confused

    I feel that Evernote takes a long time to update your applications, this is sad. Reminders is a good example of this, until today there is no recurrence option. The graphical interface is another problem, it is very obsolete and does not follow the new recommendations from Microsoft, does not have touch support. Personally I don't like reminders panel, why is it something apart from the notes panel? It doesn't make sense to me. Evernote to me is a great database but unfortunately it isn't a agile company, it don't evolve to something modern. Company as Microsoft, Google and others are gradually creating good alternatives that soon will be a better solution than Evernote. Only in Mac OS X and iOS Evernote is good, not great. I'm a old user, 8 years old, but I don't know how long I will stay using Evernote. Well, anyway thanks about the help.
  13. I can't say if a reminder is checked as done in a old note on Android, the done icon is the same of no reminder icon, what I'm missing? Have some way to know if a reminder was done for sure after passed some days that I done the task/reminder? The icon is a gray alarm clock when is not a reminder and when the reminder is done.
  14. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    windows Copy all Evernote notes to Google Drive?

    Just for enrich this thread, it's possible to import notes from Evernote to OneNote and then through OneNote export notes to a Doc or PDF. You could use a Macro to separate notes in single documents. OneNote isn't perfect but do a good job to search and organize notes, OneNote, in my humble opinion, isn't good to access through a smartphone or tablet if the notes are too large or have large files attached to it. You could use OneDrive to large files and large notes and OneNote for small notes, ideas compilations and brainstorms. You can do a search on OneDrive to search in every file that you have there and also notes in OneNote at once. By the way it's sad when threads become a place to discursions without value just because someone wants to play the trickster.
  15. LuizSiqueiraNeto

    Missed changes made to a note

    Using my Tablet Galaxy TabA I have exported a text from Pocket (Android) to Evernote; then I marked, using the mark text, some passages of the text; I finally added notes with the S-pen, using the "Writing" tool, in some parts of the note, I did this on the street, I was connected to the Internet through the Internet sharing of my Galaxy Note5; Everything seemed fine; already at home I accessed the note of my 2 in 1 Yoga 520 and noticed that the annotation using the tool "Writing" had disappeared, I took a look at my Tablet and there also the note had disappeared. I do not know if there was a problem saving the note in Evernote for Android or if it was a problem in sync. Anyway it was a problem. What I lost is not so serious, but it could be. Has anyone had similar problems? Does anyone know a way to avoid this problem?