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  1. For me this solution didn’t work at all.
  2. I'm in the same boat as you, my model is a Galaxy Note5. It is very frustrating to invest money, time and mainly trust in an application to later have headache with it. I've already tried switching from Evernote to OneNote and also to Google keep but both can still be worse than Evernote. Google keep is very simple, has no way to relate notes and not even an easy way to capture information. OneNote only works well on a computer, on the tablet and smartphone it is very slow to sync and has a poor search. The good news is that the two are getting better over time.
  3. That's right. This brings me nostalgic memories.
  4. I know a lot of people uses Evernote basically typing, there's nothing wrong with that, by the way it's very efficient, but that's not what attracted me to Evernote. I remember as it was yesterday, I think it was 2009, I was surprised by his ability to recognize manuscript, I was really impressed. At that time there was only the desktop version, so I created my annotation method. At the time I used a Nokia N73 and a Palm III. I photographed everything I wanted with the N73, when I wanted to make some note I used the Palm. The cool thing is that I could make notes with the Stylus, just as if I were making a note on a notepad. When I arrived, I placed the Palm in the cradle and transmitted the notes as images, I loved the fact that Evernote recognized my manuscripts, fantastic. During all this time I followed the evolution of Evernote with frustration, it takes too long for them to add new features, the last two that made me very happy was the purchase and integration of Penultimate and integration with the Galaxy Note. Looking for an alternative I have already tested a lot. Google suite, OneNote + OneDrive, S-Note, Samsung Note, LG Notes, each of these programs have some kind of limitation that make them worse than Evernote. But I think this is going to change soon, Google suite and OneNote + OneDrive are evolving fast. Recently I saw an interview with the new CEO of Evernote, this rekindled my hope. I am attentive, observing who will reach the finish line first. I'm thinking of writing on my blog about my saga looking for the holy grail of the most natural computer man interaction possible. I'm a Star Trek fan, I've always tried to integrate computers into my day-to-day life. Those old advertisements showing the computer being used by everyone at home made my mind.
  5. I completely agree, probably is an easy task.
  6. You know, I'm not asking for a new feature, I just want the feature that already exists to work correctly.
  7. I do not think it's acceptable, there are already services that do what I want very well, it's just not multiplatform. There is an culture around Evernote of accepting your limitations that I do not really like. Evernote have "note" in your name for a reason, it need to be good in take notes.The devices have evolved, it is becoming increasingly natural to use them, Evernote still continues in the old desktop style. It's a pity that OneNote is not yet mature enough to be used on multiple platforms, otherwise I'd just use it. Evernote need to evolve fast otherwise it will be out of the game. Evernote does not have to do everything, but it has to be great in Taking notes.
  8. For me to use a palliative like flannel is unacceptable, I paid dearly for a product that I hope works correctly. When I think of handwriting annotation in Evernote I think about the quick annotation, that moment that I need to make a note for myself. It does not make sense for me to do this in another application to later have the work of exporting to Evernote. I can make a quick note on my Galaxy note 5 without even having to turn on the screen, it's quick to take out the pen, write on the screen and put the pen back, the note goes straight to Evernote. Today I've been using Apple's Office suite more than Microsoft's, actually Microsoft's Office today is an old white elephant in the room. If Evernote does not evolve along with the user it will be behind and will be replaced by other services, I think this will not be long in coming. Evernote today beats for reliability and speed, but with every passing day OneNote comes close to it, not to mention Apple's own note system.
  9. Maybe you're not a fan of writing in Evernote just because it's not a good experience, that's exactly why I think they should change it. Palm rejection in the Galaxy Book and Galaxy Note is independent of the application, however on the iPad the situation is different, if the application does not support Apple Pencil then the experience is not good. I'm a fan of pens and pencils, they make a lot of difference in my ability to concentrate, create and retain information, so I switched from an iPhone to a Galaxy Note and switched an iPad to a Galaxy Book. Now with the low cost of iPad 2018 with Apple Pencil support I'm finally coming back to Apple products, however I got a little frustrated by the lack of apps with good support for Apple Pencil. Nebo, Notability, and SketchBook are good examples of applications that give Apple Pencil great support. You can use Apple Pencil in Evernote without the use of paper or cloth, but it is not perfect. Another thing that bothers me in Evernote for iOS is its glitches, it is common for things to disappear and reappear on the screen, this confuses me, I have to be very attentive to what is happening on the screen so I do not get lost, most of the others applications are smooth in their movements.
  10. It looks like you're using an Apple device. A great way to connect the two applications is through the shortcuts of Siri, formerly called Automator. I was able to make a shortcut that lists all the notes with the tag "task" and automatically creates a task with the name of the note and with the internal link, there is no need to create a public link. I love Things, I've used it for a long time. Unfortunately my MacBook Air died and I switched to a Galaxy Book. Now I use the Google calendar along with Evernote via Cronofy, it works great, it's easy to see the day's tasks and reschedule them if needed. I realized that using the calendar I have a better sense of time and I can plan better.
  11. Thank you both, this is very important to me.
  12. Can someone confirm that a done reminder in a note stay forever? My concern is not knowing what I did after a while. Thank you
  13. It is essential to have the option of only writing with the Apple Pencil, It is common to create lines and dots on the screen when I rest the palm of my hand on the screen. Other apps work perfectly with Apple Pencil.
  14. This problem is still happening when using the Windows 10 virtual keyboard (tablet mode). Evernote behaves badly in tablet mode, an urgent update is required.
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