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  1. I found it. It's the view option icon on top of the search results pane. It allows one to change the default sort order.
  2. I almost always want to search by date created, with the newest dates on top. But the default search sort order is by relevance. Is there any way to turn off "sort by relevance" and search by created date?
  3. I'm about to do a clean install on a new Mac. Is it advisable to transfer the Evernote preferences from the old to the new, and if so, is it just a matter of copying the old plist file? Or am I better off doing it manually?
  4. Thanks. And I discovered it's three dots on iPhone, and "Options" on iPad.
  5. When I do a search in Evernote for iOS, it shows me the results sorted by Date Updated. Personally, I never want this. I want sorting only by Date Created, but I can't seem to find the option to do this. I can on the Mac, but seemingly not on iOS. Or am I missing something?
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