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  1. "Oh great, another discussion on multi-level notebooks." Your comment it's the proof that a lot users are asking for this feature. Just for the record i'm not asking the feature... i just want to know why Evernote refuse to listen the users.... "Evernote generally doesn't comment on these questions. " - Yes i know... they even block comments on the blog posts... "Please provide details on how this would be done?" Right click Over notebook name->Create Sub-note. It's too hard for you to imagine this ? I can also provide you a data model to implement a mult-level hie
  2. Can someone from Evernote company explain why do you refuse to implement multi-level notebook (more than 2 level)? This feature is requested since the early days of Evernote If tags were a valid an option nobody asked for this feature Implementing multi-level notebook it's not difficult. The multi-level notebook is a necessity for "hard" users who have tens or hundreds noteboks, so you can sell it as premium feature. Even you don't agree with my opinion why don't create a pool asking users if they want this feature ? Tag based organization it's not so eas
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