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  1. When I export a note as html, the indentation inside code blocks does not remain.
  2. There's always the internal APIs, you can just copy as fetch over to chrome snippets add your .then()'s (or async await) and your logic... I do this all the time on tons of different sites. These requests seem pretty self explanatory, the IDs look just like UUIDs that are probably generated client side on create (I didn't see any requests before this one) Create Task: fetch("https://api.evernote.com/command/v1/batch", { "headers": { "authorization": "Bearer <Check one of your requests for this>", "content-type": "application/json", "en-client": "ion", "ion-version": "10.56.9(350)", "x-conduit-version": "1.68.4", "x-feature-version": "4", "x-mono-authn-token": "" }, "referrer": "https://www.evernote.com/", "referrerPolicy": "strict-origin-when-cross-origin", "body": "{\"id\":\"b5788131-a7ef-47e3-875c-eedf63171b59\",\"mutations\":[{\"id\":\"b8e1d79e-e015-0e8a-865a-507b8afe0cd9\",\"name\":\"taskCreate\",\"guids\":{\"Task\":[[\"50q7a1ot61kxgnyoult6sopa1ebsnicuq\",\"b6935bb4-6c08-a0ea-6159-84b74de154a3\",166349549]]},\"params\":{\"container\":\"32192cbe-7cae-3924-348f-d20a036eb7d5\",\"label\":\"Test API PK123\",\"taskGroupNoteLevelID\":\"48123de2-62c0-486c-8095-11093f8c74c5\",\"dueDate\":null,\"timeZone\":\"America/Los_Angeles\",\"dueDateUIOption\":\"date_only\",\"flag\":false,\"sortWeight\":\"ZYYYYYYYYYYYYYM\",\"status\":\"open\",\"sourceOfChange\":\"TASK_KINGDOM\",\"repeatAfterCompletion\":null,\"noteLevelID\":\"7c12ce6e-c722-4a72-8bfa-945396956016\",\"taskFlag\":1,\"featureVersion\":[0,1,0]},\"isRetry\":false,\"timestamp\":1683601015276,\"metadata\":{\"Note\":[{\"entityID\":\"32192cbe-7cae-3924-348f-d20a036eb7d5\",\"ownerID\":<redacted>,\"shardID\":668,\"generatedID\":null,\"parentRef\":null}],\"Task\":[{\"entityID\":\"b6935bb4-6c08-a0ea-6159-84b74de154a3\",\"ownerID\":<redacted>,\"shardID\":668,\"generatedID\":{\"seed\":\"50q7a1ot61kxgnyoult6sopa1ebsnicuq\",\"id\":\"b6935bb4-6c08-a0ea-6159-84b74de154a3\"},\"parentRef\":null}]}}],\"timestamp\":1683601016236,\"clientID\":\"null\"}", "method": "POST", "mode": "cors", "credentials": "include" }); Update Task: fetch("https://api.evernote.com/command/v1/batch", { "headers": { "authorization": "Bearer <Check one of your requests for this>", "content-type": "application/json", "en-client": "ion", "ion-version": "10.56.9(350)", "x-conduit-version": "1.68.4", "x-feature-version": "4", "x-mono-authn-token": "" }, "referrer": "https://www.evernote.com/", "referrerPolicy": "strict-origin-when-cross-origin", "body": "{\"id\":\"66495335-852b-41a8-86a7-26abee372a1d\",\"mutations\":[{\"id\":\"af2db678-b60a-e4f2-fa4a-e8abbc0a3a2c\",\"name\":\"taskUpdate\",\"guids\":{},\"params\":{\"task\":\"b6935bb4-6c08-a0ea-6159-84b74de154a3\",\"label\":\"Test API PK123 abcd\",\"dueDate\":null,\"timeZone\":\"America/Los_Angeles\",\"dueDateUIOption\":\"date_only\",\"flag\":false,\"sortWeight\":\"ZYYYYYYYYYYYYYM\",\"status\":\"open\",\"sourceOfChange\":\"TASK_KINGDOM\",\"recurrence\":null,\"repeatAfterCompletion\":null,\"forceDeleteAllOutliers\":false,\"taskFlag\":1},\"isRetry\":false,\"timestamp\":1683601487978,\"metadata\":{}}],\"timestamp\":1683601491668,\"clientID\":\"null\"}", "method": "POST", "mode": "cors", "credentials": "include" }); So I need to create 30 tasks... should I take the time to automate this 😅 ...maybe it could become a youtube video 🤷‍♂️
  3. Around 2011... although I wasn't a heavy user until 2016
  4. I agree. My current method is to group completed tasks, highlight them, and delete the text.
  5. "Show Completed" only appears on certain UIs. Evernote Web does not have this option (Chrome, Linux/Ubuntu 22) ...nvm I was looking in the wrong place. It's only in the "Tasks" view.
  6. I have 71 notebooks (1111 notes). I also use tags, but my prime organization method is through the hierarchy (sometimes I wish I had more levels). The DDOS question shouldn't be an issue, you could easily design an architecture that allows for local backups without overloading the servers (the export would be slow, but that's fine, I just want them periodically backed up on my end in case of disaster. My entire life is on Evernote!) I would pay >$20 a month for this. (Right now I'm at the personal membership level). Professional mentions "advanced PDF export options" but I suppose there is no export all option Or maybe give us some guarantee that notes are backed up and completely disconnected from both Evernote PROD infrastructure and the internet or something like that.
  7. I would also love to have a format painter. I tried OneNote once, but the syncing was just a horrible, and it was near impossible to find the correct application and login... OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, some other not OneDrive thing... WTF is my login... is this my AD for work, a microsoft account with a gmail address?!? confusion... No it was a microsoft account with my work email address, but that doesn't use my work AD password because it is part of an internal Microsoft AD... 🤦‍♂️ Evernote works across all my devices so seemlessly, there is a sync button, but I have never used it because the automatic syncing does it's job. I am always logged in, the account email address is shown at the top of the Windows app. Evernote has a good User Experience, even if some of those common features are missing. Most important is the organization, tags and folders, it is just enough options to stay organized and not so many options that my notes become a mess of organizational ideas and naming conventions that never took hold. If I could only use 1 device, then I would be a premium subscriber immediately.
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