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  1. I would also love to have a format painter. I tried OneNote once, but the syncing was just a horrible, and it was near impossible to find the correct application and login... OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, some other not OneDrive thing... WTF is my login... is this my AD for work, a microsoft account with a gmail address?!? confusion... No it was a microsoft account with my work email address, but that doesn't use my work AD password because it is part of an internal Microsoft AD... 🤦‍♂️ Evernote works across all my devices so seemlessly, there is a sync button, but I have never u
  2. This is disappointing. It seems like a really basic feature to have. It makes me wonder how I haven't already switched to something else... ...I guess it is because of the flawless cross device syncing. But there is no way I've gone this long without any hierarchical content; I think I've just been using tabs and formatting as if it is code.
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