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  1. Its interesting that you had those issues with the sync, It can be figured out but it is a PITA that is exactly what drove me to Evernote. However if I could use OneNote I would as it has many other options and integration's with Office that I like. When I have to deal with tables I find Evernotes implementation to be clumsy at best. It surprised me how many people don't seem to be that interested in format painter, to me its a life saver and I would pay a premium for that feature alone. I get tired of always having to select everything then click remove formatting. Also, not sure if I'm doing something wrong but when I search I get all the notes with my search target in them however when I click on the note itself I have to scroll to find the highlighted content unless I do a ctrl-F and retype it. OneNote will go right to it and I thought for sometime Evernote was doing that too I may have messed up an other. Don't get me wrong I'm not bagging on Evernote I like the product every much it just seem like it would be easy to add these ease of use items, I do't expect it for free and I would be willing to pay. I keep hoping to see it someday.
  2. I C when you add the documents are they searchable? I'd be interested in understanding how to do this. I will take one of the up coming web training I just came from onenote so still learning
  3. wow, I don't understand how you can live without this feature, I came from one note and the editor in evernote seems really behind and limited in capability.
  4. Please, Please, Please - I will pay a premium please give me format painter in the editor, why is it not there?
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