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  1. MWS, Consider this option: I have a notebook, "Networking" where I manage my network like a customer relationship management tool. I set note reminders for all sorts of actions like follow ups, promises, rekindle stale connections, etc. I use several Saved Searches to accomplish the management of this/ 1. Due Today: "reminderTime:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:*" - This shows all active reminders due today or are overdue. 2. Due Tomorrow: "-remindertime:day+2 reminderTime:* -reminderDoneTime:*" - This shows all reminders due tomorrow. 3. Active Networking: "notebook:Networking -tag:archive" - You will see from the syntax, the search returns all notes in the networking notebook unless I have tagged the note with the "archive" tag. Those are hidden from my search view. You could easily change these to fit your specific needs. I know it isn't quite ordering a list of 100+ reminders, but it might work to improve your process a little. Cheers!
  2. I think somewhere this thread got off track. I was looking for the search that isolated Reminders DUE TODAY. This is what is working for me in Windows and iOS: reminderTime:day -reminderTime:day+1
  3. Yes! I figured this out for Windows!! You click the dropdown, choose Customize, and drag the Reminder icon out to the toolbar. Not intuitive...and I wouldn't have even tried that if you hadn't said what you said. Thanks @tavor!!! You rock!
  4. @Neyghey I believe there is still some work to do with the app, especially around the Reminders. I can't in good consciousness let your statement hang without my overall opinion of EN. I truly believe that EN is the best notes app ever created. I have used OneNote, Google Notes, and many other less known apps but the ease at which EN functions on mobile and desktop for just about anything I want to store and search for later is exceptional. There isn't a product on the market that comes even close! The best feature is the ability to copy the internal link so that you create an ecosystem of personal documentation. I LOVE this more than most software products designed to make life easier. Yes, I am an EN bandwagon fan! And yes, I would love to see continued improvements...especially the ones that get brought up in this forum!
  5. I gave this thread a +1. It is highly disappointing that this feature hasn't been added. In fact, with the latest couple updates, they made it more difficult to access Reminders by moving it to the drop down arrow in the upper right. That means a minimum of 4 mouse clicks to set a reminder. GRRRRR!!!! I am a premium member that has been using the app since 2008. This obviously isn't a deal breaker for me, but I would use the app more and wear my EN t-shirt twice as many times per month if this were added.
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