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  1. Thanks for the input. You would certainly think that a code could be written so that when you completed or checked-off a to-do item it could be automatically moved into a Archive Notebook. CSIHILLING - can you expand on the PhraseExpress comment made above?
  2. I mostly use Evernote for tracking 'to-do's'/checklists. It becomes very annoying when I have a 100 item long to do list, some of which are completed, some of which still need to be completed and I have to look through the whole list or see which ones I still need to get done. It would nice to be able to either sort by completed or not completed, or someone automatically archive the completed items or notes into a folder which I could view at any time but don't see it all of the time. The completed items i check off are important notes and I want to be able to access those in the future but no
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