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  1. I have a Samsung Galaxy 8+. When I go to Evernote Settings, Support, it says I am using version 8.13.3. I then went to the Google Play Store to see if I missed an update, but it says my version is current. But 8.13.3 is far away from 10.6. What do I need to do to get this version 10.6?
  2. Thank you Mike, I will try out that new desktop version and see if that is better than the web version. I do not mind upgrading to Premium as I use Evernote a lot. I just have not done that in the past because support has been unable to fix the issues that I was having. But now that these are fixed, thanks to you, I will consider the Premium upgrade. Best regards, Marco
  3. Mike P, you are the best !! On both counts, that is. Firefox also has a spellchecker that can be disabled, which I found thanks to your suggestion that Chrome has such a spellchecker. So, it turns out this was done by the browser and not by Evernote. Problem fixed. On the text resizing issue. I worked with the header settings some more and was able to get the notes to now stay at size 12, even if they are alternately edited by Firefox on the laptop, then by the Evernote Android app and vice versa. This has never been possible before, as one or the other would reset the font to
  4. You can use the new heading levels and change them to your preferences (font, colour, bold etc). These changes persist for the note but do not effect other notes or new notes. You can however set up a note as you want it and then save it as a template and create all new notes from that template. I tried that again just now. I created an all new note on my laptop in Evernote Web. The first thing i did was to set font size to 12. then I typed random text. Still good now, new text stays at size 12. But two minutes later, when i open that same new note in my android phone (firefox), and sta
  5. Where is "tools -> preferences -> check spelling while typing ".. is this in a desktop app? Because i use Evernote in my Firefox browser and there is no menu that says "tools". There is a "Preferences" menu, after I click the drop down arrow next to my name, but that menu only has two entries "dark mode" and "side bar". i attached a screenshot, which by the way also shows the "we found more than one version of... " error that happens about twice a day.
  6. It says I am on 10.10.5. How do I turn off that spellcheck? The desktop Legacy version has even more problems that the regular Evernote. I had spoken to Evernote support many times over the last few years to see if they can correct the font size changing to the default of 16 every time, after I specified size 12. They just do not want to fix that problem. Now we have more problems, like this mandatory spellchecker...) Also, when i edit a note on my android, then a few minutes later on my laptop or vice versa, i very often get two versions of that note, one with the latest c
  7. Evernote just released a new version. Instead of fixing the longstanding problems, like font size changing on its own and not being able to delete long-expired shared notes, Evernote just added another problem.. adding a spell and grammar check that apparently cannot be disabled. Now all my text has red and blue scriggly lines under whatever Evenote thinks is mispelled (but is not, Evernote just does not recognize that word). So how do i turn off that new spellchecker?
  8. I have the exact same issue. It started after EN updated the Windows desktop app in the last two weeks.
  9. On a regular text note, the font size keeps changing. I start a note on my phone, it starts with a medium font size. Then, in order for me to write more letters on one line of text and the inavailability of a font size button in the Android Evernote app, I use a desktop to open the note, then change the font size to i.e. size 12. Then, when that note is opened the next time on the Android phone, the font size stays at that smaller size, but only until I copy and paste text within that note. Once it gets pasted anywhere else in the document the text size changes to even bigger that it was when
  10. I routinely paste 2 pictures in a text note. One front of document the other the rear. I like the first picture to show up as the preview in the list of documents. Sometimes it shows the first picture, sometimes the last. I have tried different date stamps on the pics, uploading them in reverse order. But nothing works, it appears complete random when the first picture is used as the preview or not.
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