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  1. I have the exact same issue. It started after EN updated the Windows desktop app in the last two weeks.
  2. On a regular text note, the font size keeps changing. I start a note on my phone, it starts with a medium font size. Then, in order for me to write more letters on one line of text and the inavailability of a font size button in the Android Evernote app, I use a desktop to open the note, then change the font size to i.e. size 12. Then, when that note is opened the next time on the Android phone, the font size stays at that smaller size, but only until I copy and paste text within that note. Once it gets pasted anywhere else in the document the text size changes to even bigger that it was when
  3. I routinely paste 2 pictures in a text note. One front of document the other the rear. I like the first picture to show up as the preview in the list of documents. Sometimes it shows the first picture, sometimes the last. I have tried different date stamps on the pics, uploading them in reverse order. But nothing works, it appears complete random when the first picture is used as the preview or not.
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