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  1. Untrue. One of my iOS devices is corporate managed and does not auto update. Still running 8.x perfectly and gleefully. If 8.x went back into App Store it would run perfectly like it did two weeks ago. I hope that happens, but alas I completed my note migration to archive and Apple Notes this evening. Unsubscribing shortly. Ironically, the only note saved into my 2009 archive, welcome to Evernote clip from Oct 19 2009. This “update” unraveled 11 years of trust.
  2. Since the release of Pencil and the corresponding update of Notes, almost all of my Evernote workflow consists of handwritten Notes copied to Evernote for archiving with tags/OCR and corresponding previously excellent search. The other tiny fraction my my general EN use, was scanning biz cards so they’d archive and sync across my ecosystem in iOS Contacts. Every single one of those functions was rendered useless in 10.X Handwritten Notes, copied to EN, disappear totally blank notes where the copy should be. Biz card scanner has almost none of the MANDATORY add/edit feature that mak
  3. Yes, I’ve seen I’m pretty sure all of their story about the 10.x thinking. I don’t care about their 5X problems, none of us should. Their not our problem. In fact, I don’t care at all about the experience on any platform I don’t use. Just as we all have and do, we took their tool and incorporated it into our workflow. If they want to improve their experience, it better be to our benefit. Otherwise they can design from the ground up another product, call it 4Evernote and put it on the market next to Evernote and give it all the love it needs to get my $ in addition or alternative to Evern
  4. And there it is. The new Evernote framework is contrived specifically for their benefit. Easier coding by less talented engineers with fewer platform teams and to be more profitable within a stale sub base. They’ve begged and borrowed VC money against growth that never came, and won’t. Now somehow it’s long standing premium users with highly evolved workflows responsibility to suffer their continued incompetence? At some point growth plays become dividend plays, and maybe just maybe there’s a limit to the growth potential of a notebook app. We’ve done our part and paid up. Redacting fe
  5. Also no longer there is the handles that let you scrub scroll the list. Now you’re a hamster on a wheel to get anywhere, and the side swipe listener is too sensitive meaning your chances of accidentally selecting rather than scrolling is too high.
  6. Really what I want to do, is ***** about every shortcoming of this release down to punctuation in every relevant venue I can find. In this case, I’m talking about scrolling a list view of notes within a notebook. Previously, the sidebar had a handle function so you could grab and scrub vertically now it appears not to, which is either a new flawed design decision or an unintended bug. Additionally, while you were performing scrubbing, the sidebar indicated by date where you were in time along the list of notes within the notebook so you could instantly and easily navigate to Jan 1 2018 for
  7. The sidebar function that allowed grabbing and fast scrubbing while at the same time giving feedback about the current positions date of entry range is broken. In fact the sidebar doesn’t even emerge from under the header bar until you scroll down far enough. Broken UI issue.
  8. Thanks for moving my post to a general discussion forum. I’m not commenting in a general way however. EN 10.x for iOS IS AN ISSUE. That needs to be clear in ISSUES. It’s a bit late to discuss options since it was determined that this garbage was somehow worth of our money. People considering the app, or whether to upgrade deserve the fair warning we were not given. I’m stunned that EN disrespected us all so very much to think this was at any level acceptable.
  9. The user/subscriber base needs Evernote to function properly, we pay for that. Get it out of the App Store and off our devices until it works, properly. We’re your customers, not your beta team.
  10. Adding support for tagging within Penultimate as well as an option to auto tag Penultimate notes based on source notebook would improve their functionality within EN. In my workflow, I'm capturing notes in real time, most often noting a phone call. Being able to use tags from within Penultimate post fact of the conversation to properly categorize the note that was sticky even if the note was moved between EN notebooks would be welcome feature.
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