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  1. Wow, just stumbled onto this thread… I’ve been using Filterize for the past few months (paid), for 1 purpose: automatic updating of Table of Contents (ToC). While not perfect, it has generally been great at keeping ToCs for several notebooks updated as new notes are added. If they are not around, the only alternative I’m aware of is constantly having to re- create ToC every so often when notes are added. Would be great if EN enabled this functionality. If anyone has workarounds for this, please let me know!
  2. I believe this is an issue if you "upgraded" to the new v10. It still works with legacy EN.
  3. I use integration of Airmail to Evernote. On iOS now, When I click on “Open in Airmail” I see that long 2nd link that needs to be clicked on. Sadly, when clicking on that 2nd link (which shouldn’t even be needed), NOTHING happens. Previously, this worked great- clicked on “Open in Airmail” brought me directly to that email in Airmail.
  4. Sorry, but no.... I've actually moved on to use Omnifocus instead of Things for various reasons....
  5. Thanks- using mac.... but if I change that initial "Things" to "file" at start of URL, it does enable it to be saved as a link.... Unfortunately, it is not an actual link to anything after removing "Things" at the start....I suspect this is just a limitation of EN and Things..... Interestingly, using the Agenda app on mac, I can simply the "Agenda URL" link of a note, and when I paste THAT into EN, it eloquently pastes the TITLE of the Agenda note as an active link. Clicking on that in EN takes me right to that Agenda note....
  6. Yes- Unfortunately, the "ok" remains greyed out once the link is pasted in, so unable to accept it.... EN just seems to not recognize that it is a link...(see screenshot)
  7. Thanks- but as far as I can see at Zapier, that does not answer my question (specifically on linking a specific EN note back to a specific Things task with a link)
  8. I know how to use INTERNAL links in EN to link to other notes. But many apps allow using links to link back to a specific place in their app. Of course, EN itself allows this by pasting that EN link into a calendar app, and then that allows a link back to EN from that app. I would like to be able to link FROM Evernote TO Things app. Things DOES allow this, and it works great in many other apps (eg, Mail, Agenda, etc). But it does NOT work in EN. If I type a Things link (eg: things:///show?id=246D6A7C-CE62-4E4C-9B2F-D1486BD5E732) the link does not become active; it is just text. Is there a way to fix this, or a workaround if not?
  9. WOW- Thank you! So I just confirmed that if I do as you suggested, and control click a note, then hold down option key, it DOES change to classic link, and I can paste that in another app to refer directly back to EN. However, I also confirmed that if I use Menu and Click on Note--> Copy Note Link, clicking on option key does NOT change to classic link, and it just copies the full (not classic) URL. Definitely buggy... I hope EN support is monitoring this and will acknowledge/ fix this!
  10. Thanks- can you confirm you're using Mac version 6.11 beta 2? When I hit the option key, it does not change to classic (it used to!).
  11. I haven't used links for awhile, but wanted to use them more now. It used to be that holding Option key when selecting copy note link would do exactly that, but that no longer seems to work. It just copies a "full"url, which DOES seem to work in opening the link directly in EN IF already in EN. But on other apps, no longer working, which would seem to be a significant step backwards.
  12. Using current beta, when I "Copy Note Link" from Note Menu, that link is NOT a local EN link, and does not work in other apps on the mac (Fantastical, 2Do) to open my note in EN. Instead, I get a new tab opening in Safari, requiring me to log in to see anything further!
  13. As a premium user, this has been one of my biggest frustrations. I frequently crate a new notebook in a stack. On a PC, this is easy- just right click on the stack and the option to create the new notebook in the stack appears. On a Mac, there is nothing there! I hate having to go to Notebooks view, find the stack I want, and THEN finally control click to add a notebook to the stack. PLEASE bring this functionality to the Mac!
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