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  1. your notes are stored here: user/Library/GroupContainers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote/CoreNote/ but I don't that this information will help you
  2. thank you for the obvious ... that's what we are all doing right now! the question is, for how long will this still be possible? long enough until we have managed to migrate to an alternative?
  3. I have been using Evernote for about 10 years, recommended it to several people, was beta tester for a while ... and now I am so disappointed! So many useful functions and shortcuts were scrapped, Evernote has been mutilated! Here are some of my complaints and I am finding more every day: - Is the only option to send a note to a non Evernote user now by copy & paste? really? - The option of easily creating a table of content is gone (yes, I know there is a clumsy workaround). - A big irritation is the window size. When the app is closed, it (often, but not always!) defaults to small size, not filling the window as I set it before. - The option of just having the main note window in white / light mode, but both sidebars in dark mode is also gone. - And of course the main problem, the missing tabs, on which I have commented on already in another thread, has totally destroyed my workflow in Evernote. Unfortunately I had to look now for an alternative. Having said this I realised that Evernote tries to make that very difficult to leave as html export is not possible anymore, so you are basically stuck! So the bottomline is: The new version is not usable. I have re-installed the Legacy version to be able to work with it until I found the best alternative.
  4. that's what I have done, but I very much doubt that it will return, I have a feeling this is a point of no return!!!
  5. where are the tabs?!? This is a serious interruption of my workflow. I always had two or three open and toggled between them. I really hope they will come back with next update, such an important feature!!!
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