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  1. But this isn't a workaround! I add to my checkboxes in a document over time. Previously I could just hit return and another checkbox would be created (without a checklist). This is the functionality we want back
  2. The trouble with the space [] hack is that you can't hit return to get a checkbox on the next line, as you could before. Plus the old keyboard shortcut for a checkbox is no longer operable (ctrl+cmd+T)
  3. I too find this incredibly frustrating. I just want to hit return and have another checkbox, not a checklist where things get crossed out when they've been ticked
  4. I agree that it is noticeably slower. In addition to needing "card view" back, the procedure for creating a new "to do" list now involves three actions where it used to be one. (Previously, touch the "to do" option, good to go Now: choose the "list" option, choose "to do" list, then swipe to get rid of the list option) I've used Evernote for 4 years, but Microsoft OneNote is beckoning
  5. I really want the card view back, for the same reasons as the OP.
  6. I'm completely with this. There are several things about the new iOS update that have removed functionality. Being able to see a "tile" view of my recent notes was one. At the very least there should be a way to go back to a previous version - I had no idea when I downloaded the new version that it was going to remove some of the things I like about Evernote.
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