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  1. Wow, another little-known secret! Thanks so much! You and Don Dz have really helped me to streamline my daily workflow.
  2. Oh, that's great! I had no idea that was an option.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Don, but I was referring navigation within the new note window. After creating a new note the body of the note has the focus. To enter a title I have to first click in the title field. Then, I can press F3 to get directly into the tag field. That's great, one click saved. Finally, I have to click again to get back to the body text field. Am I the only one who creates new notes this way? It seems like it would be a common workflow.
  4. Oh, that's great, thanks so much @gustavgi! Great to remember Ctrl+Q, too, it can be a big help! F3 means one mouse click less. Unfortunately, the Title-Tag-Text workflow for a new note still requires two mouse clicks. Would sure love to see a way to streamline that.
  5. Thanks, Don. I'll think about using the pop-up dialog box. And your other suggestion about the AutoHotkey approach sounds like it might work even better for me (but not as conveniently as regular keyboard access to the Tags box ?). Cheers, Dave
  6. Whenever I create a new note the first thing I do is title it and the second is to assign one or more tags. Unfortunately, after typing the title there's no way of getting to the tags box using the keyboard. I have to switch to the mouse to activate the tag box. And then when I'm done choosing tags I have to once more switch to the mouse to move into the body of the text. (I'm back on the keyboard because I type a few characters to quickly find the desired tag(s).) This is an awkward workflow for something that I do repeatedly all day long. I'm aware that Ctrl+Alt+T will bring up a modal tag dialog but using this limited dialog is even less convenient than clicking with the mouse. Can we please have a keyboard shortcut for tags? Maybe Tab/Shift-Tab to jump between parts of the UI? Or, at the least, send the focus to the tags box after entering a note title.
  7. I'll add my voice to the chorus of users suffering from this slowness in Evernote on the iPad. Like others, I sometimes have to wait 30 seconds or more to access an existing note or to open a new note. This is when I'm at home with fast wifi. Other apps work fine. The old version of iPad Evernote never had this problem. The current version on my Android phone doesn't have a problem nor does my Windows desktop version. But I often take my iPad with me to meetings so I can take notes. It's ridiculous that I have to tell colleagues & clients to wait a minute—literally—while Evernote wakes itself up. This is what we get after upgrading to the paid version? I'm going to have to reconsider switching to OneNote.
  8. I was delighted to see that Evernote has been added to the iPad feedly app as a sharing destination! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to successfully use it yet. I've logged into Evernote from feedly and granted access but whenever I try to share an article I get the error message: Failed to get notebooks: 403 I've tried powering off/on the iPad but it didn't help. Any ideas? David Salahi
  9. jefito, I wasn't referring to anyone specific. I just saw another post in these forums which points out other software which works the same way Evernote does (wrt tags). They made the point that the behavior that I and some others think would be natural isn't natural or obvious to all. But yeah, it does seem odd to me that it works the way it does. The way nested tags currently work is not useless. But it's far less useful (to me) than if parent tag searches also included all children tags. Dave
  10. jbenson2, Thanks for the tip. I can see how that works--as long as you set up the child tag names with the first few letters of the parent tags. That would be a way to get what I want although it seems like a kludge. And it gets complicated if you want more than two levels of tags. (I currently have three levels and didn't realize until today that my searches weren't working as expected.) I still think it would be nice to have an option for the software to gather up subtags. As a software developer myself, I can say that it wouldn't be difficult to do. In fact, traversing a tree is a trivial exercise. Dave
  11. Searching for the tag "portraits" works exactly as you would expect. But searching for the tag "photography" does not display any notes tagged solely with "portraits." I could tag the note with both portraits and photography but that would seem to defeat the purpose of having nested tags in the first place. My desire is to be able to display all notes under a parent tag without including the child tags in the search.
  12. I was surprised to discover that when I have nested tags I cannot find notes within the nesting hierarchy by filtering on the parent tag. For example, if I have parent tag "photography" and child tag "portraits" I cannot find notes tagged with portraits by filtering on photography. This seems like a very useful option which is missing. I may not remember that I tagged a particular note as "portraits" but I know that it falls under the more general tag "photography." It's great if I can remember the more specific tag in which case I get to my note more quickly. But if I don't remember I should be able to find my note by using the more general tag. From browsing these forums I gather that this behavior is by design. Apparently, some people prefer it this way. But I was so surprised at this behavior I thought it was a bug. It would be great if the user were allowed to choose which behavior they prefer. David Salahi
  13. I discovered that the Firefox Web Clipper fails to work if the Diigo toolbar is installed. In this case, clicking the elephant web clipper toolbar button does nothing. Same with right-clicking and choosing any of the Evernote options. Tested on FF 8 & 9. Disable Diigo toolbar to allow Evernote Web Clipper to work. David Salahi
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