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  1. @Mattofri I think that @Mark A is looking for something different. I could be wrong about that but what you're recommending is definitely different from what I've been looking for. And that is: the Evernote clipper that used to be available inside Microsoft Outlook. There used to be a ribbon button for Evernote inside of Outlook which expedited the process of copying and pasting from Outlook direct to Evernote. Alas, that is now gone and copying & pasting is more of a manual process. I do have and I do use the Evernote web clipper for my browsers. That does work well and it's nice that you can choose a notebook while clipping.
  2. @gazumped thanks for the reply. However, I think you missed my point. For starters, I understand about HTML and CSS. I am a web developer. The issue I reported is about the way the HTML email content is initially imported. As I mentioned, I copied from a nicely formatted email in Outlook and pasted into a new note in Evernote. Immediately after importing, the contents in Evernote are an unsightly mess. If I then immediately press Ctrl+Z the content changes into a nicely formatted note like the original email. Right now, it seems I get one chance to get things right. If I do: 1) new note; 2) paste; and 3) Undo I get exactly what I want: the gray title bar saying HTML Content, nicely formatted. But if I then start any editing the ability to undo back to the nice formatting is lost. So, what I'm hoping for is a way to either automatically paste the nice formatting initially. Or to have a way to redo the formatting of the pasted section after editing some other portion of the note. Regarding the other options you suggested: The Simplified Article format is the problem. This is what I get initially after pasting. If I then Undo I get HTML Content which is what I'm after in this scenario. Screen shots are less than ideal as the text cannot be searched. And the appearance may vary on different devices. PDFs are also less than ideal, requiring extra work to get what I can otherwise get with a simple Undo
  3. After copying the contents of an HTML email and pasting into a new note the result is an unsightly mess. I discovered that I can get back the original formatting by pressing Ctrl+Z (undo) immediately after pasting. However, if I start editing the note and then trying to undo, this does not work. Is there any way to make "paste as HTML content" the default? Evernote for Windows 10.13.4-win-ddl-public (2607) Editor: v123.0.15939
  4. Yes, and it does the same thing on Windows and iPadOS. And it's just as annoying there. I have to devise awkward workarounds to make use of this new checkbox.
  5. Well, that feature is well hidden. But thanks for enlightening us @PinkElephant!
  6. Agree. Limiting export to 50 notes is ridiculous. There should be a way to export an entire notebook without selecting individual notes. In the past there was a way to have a local copy of your notebooks which were always synced with the cloud. This was a really nice way of having an automatic backup. Another example of Evernote breaking things with the latest version of the software.
  7. Thanks, Mike P, for explaining about the difference between checkboxes and checklists of boxes. Thanks, also for the suggestion but it's of limited help. Here's what I tried: Insert a new checkbox on a blank line with no CB/CL either before or after. Type some text. Click on the box to check it (to x it). Press Enter (text now gets strikethrough). Press Backspace. Press Enter. Insert new checkbox (via square brackets: []). New CB is now indented. This all seems like a lot of bother to try and recreate something that worked great before. 😣
  8. Checkboxes and Checklists both show as strikethrough: To see this, create a checkbox, check/X it, then hit Enter.
  9. Actually, the checkbox does do strikethrough—which I do not want. But under some condition it doesn't!
  10. I found the problem. The Insert menu only works when the individual note is detached from the larger Evernote application.
  11. Just as I sent that last post another idea occurred to me: to try undocking the note from the main Evernote. That was the problem! The Insert menu works only when the note is detached. v 10.1.7 build 1902 public Editor: v109.0.14125 Service: v1.20.26
  12. @AdmiralP thanks for the info. Unfortunately, that doesn't work for me. I've been trying repeatedly with new notes, existing notes, with a selection, without a selection, with the cursor positioned at the beginning, end, and middle. Nothing works for me. When I click any item on the Insert menu nothing happens. I noticed you have a more recent version of the software. But it tells me I'm up to date. You’re up to date! Evernote 10.1.7 is currently the newest version available
  13. @PinkElephantAhh, I see you're on a mobile device. It works for me, too, on my iPad but not on my Windows PC. @charlieedstrom on Windows none of those Insert menu items work. Nothing happens when I select one.
  14. @PinkElephantAhh, I see you're on a mobile device. It works for me, too, on my iPad but not on my Windows PC.
  15. None of the items on the Insert menu (blue plus icon) is working for me. Selecting any of these items does nothing.
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