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  1. Most likely, my issue is related to this comment from Dave-in-Decatur about Firefox pdf.js not working with clippers. Why does Evernote make it so hard to find information about this issue? By Evernote not addressing this issue, they are frustrating their own users. Why not direct the attention towards the Mozilla developers via a FAQ that can easily be found?
  2. This non-"error" is simply a PDF document displayed in the browser. It is an unencrypted document, no passwords, I can easily download the PDF, in alternate viewers, there are no restrictions on selecting & copying text. I do not believe "the owner of that page apparently doesn't want me copying the content". I can clip the PDF using a different browser. I do not want to first download the PDF I do not want to use a different tool. I want the tool to automatically save the meta data of when I saved the file & the original location of the file. I do not want to use a different browser
  3. Even if it is something that Firefox developers did, ... Why are the Evernote developers not commenting on this? 🤔 Why ware they letting so many users get frustrated with a decent product? 😠 Are they discussing this with the Firefox team? 😒 At the very least, put up an FAQ pointing to your mozilla.org link 😞
  4. Same issue is still happening (or happening again) in 2020. Slightly different error message in the logs: WRN Unable to run in system tab I wonder if it's related to this comment from Dave-in-Decatur about Firefox pdf.js not working with web clippers?
  5. Similar list of extensions added & also having problems. Would like to see a fix for this.
  6. Error & failing to clip PDF documents displayed in Firefox. White error box at bottom right of window shows: Due to restrictions set by the browser, you cannot clip this page. The extension logs show in yellow: 2020\5\9 22:21:54 WRN Unable to run in system tab https://fqdn.tld/filename.pdf How can this be fixed? Extension version: Version: Firefox: v76.0 (64bit) OS: Windows 10 (64bit)
  7. I'm having this issue when using Firefox 74.x I think it might have to do with my privacy settings.
  8. still relevant. We are approaching 2017 very fast and this problem exists in FireFox for me.
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