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  1. appreciate the quick response, but that's not what I said (edit: meant). I know there's encryption for transport, but what I meant with "completely and always encrypted" was end-to-end encryption. Also, with "leaving my devices" I meant via Evernote; I know that there are other means for taking data from a device - should have been more precise here, sorry.
  2. I don't have high hopes of seeing encryption for a complete notebook coming anytime soon to Evernote, but I want to support the idea nonetheless. I would give up Evernote Web without any hesitation if I know, my notes are completely and always encrypted when leaving my devices.
  3. Evernote has always had issues with Fonts between systems. Several Options, such as font size are available with different Options on web and Windows. Android doesn't have them at all. I just gave up proper formatting with Evernote, it is not worth the hassle. I read a couple of times now, that the Editor is to be upgraded though with the same one on all platforms. Let's see when that happens.
  4. I like the new Gallery. The fonts are still a mess (do we really need all that different fonts?). They have to be the same among Windows, Mac, Web, Mobile. I have the same (ugly) b&w emojis in my version from the Windows Store already in the stable release. Are they supposed to be colourful in the beta? Coloured emojis would be easier to spot. How are notebooks with emojis at the front of the title sorted? It would be nice to have a beta channel on the Windows Store.
  5. Doesn't Windows 10 support Unicode already? I can even use emojis in the Windows Search. Colourful emojis for Notebooks is something really nice and useful.
  6. the best solution is not touching fonts at all. On web, the default font is Gotham, on Windows it is Tahoma, and Android...well... maybe depending on the system settings? Imo, there should be a small selection (maybe like on web) of fonts, and they should be the same across ALL platforms and devices. Simplicity would help here.
  7. Yes please, I want that feature too! Especially because highlighting images isn't working on all websites and saving webpages as articles cannot be adjusted manually as well. Installing a third-party programme for that purpose doesn't seem like an ideal solution to me.
  8. Compared to CamScanner, results from the scanner within Evernote are not as good. But my main problem is not the image quality, that's quite ok the way it is now. But without manual cropping it is not usable on a daily base. The automatic recognition is just not working well enough. And even if it is correct in recognising the whole document, that doesn't mean that I want the whole page to be scanned; maybe it is just about one graph in particular. So for now, I am using CamScanner and manually upload scans to Evernote.
  9. I know it has been asked for before, but I really miss paragraph options. In particular, headings and spacing are mandatory imo. The only way to take notes atm is with bullet points, which wastes a lot of spaces (especially on mobile). Automatic line spacing after paragraphs would solve that problem. Headers would be nice, but manually changing font size etc. is a workaround. For example, I pasted a couple of links into a note and it all looked like a mess. It is impossible to see where a link ends and which line is a new one.
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