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  1. I would like to see full end-to-end encryption without using an third party tool. That is, even the Evernote servers never see a note unencrypted and cannot decrypt it even if they wanted to. If there are restrictions, that's fine too, like only allowing end-to-end encryption for the entire the note. Apps like Cisco Webex, Telegram, pCloud, and even WhatsApp can support end-to-end encryption, so why not Evernote?
  2. Thanks. Just hoping that someone would see something here is not the UX I was hoping for, but thanks for the insight. I already created a ticket and was routed here, so I've come in full circle. I'll use my other solution when I need secure notes. You can close this out. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks. Encryption of data at rest provides little protection against intrusions. Evernote should be able to some how implement a zero-knowledge encryption with Apps on Mobile and Desktop to decrypt. Then even if an Evernote server or account would be compromised, or a laptop/cell stolen, the user data would still be protected by encryption. My original request to Evernote was full encryption of a note, including images. I guess my second request is to add to that is zero-knowledge encryption. I would like to know Evernote is going in that direction and I think other users would
  4. Thanks. I put a request into support a few days ago, but rather got crowd sourced into Directly and they suggested I post the request here. I'm not sure if anyone at Evernote saw it or not.
  5. It's becoming increasingly important to have full encryption support in Evernote. Evernote will only encrypt text, not notes with images. Is there any ETA on this feature, as I am working more and more outside Evernote due to this limitation? There are workarounds like saferoom/axcrpt and other apps to encrypt a file, copy the encrypted text inside Evernote, and do the reverse to see the notes, but that is very hard and then there's no reason to use Evernote and I might as well store it as a file on a service which is easy access from mobile device. Services
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