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  1. I use evernote every day for academic work. Inline tags would be an HUGE help, as I generate very long notes, and frequently want to search in them. I currently use a workaround, including something like [_tag] so that at least it is searchable. But an properly supported system would be much better.
  2. Thanks both. This might be a useful workaround. But it doesn't really solve the problem for me. I like to work quickly, with many tabs open, and I'm frequently changing the content of each one. Having to open them as windows and then merge each time seems like a very cumbersome and unnecessary blockage in the workflow. It seems like it should be such a simple fix – especially because this already works in note windows. Let's hope they manage to sort this soon.
  3. I'd just like to add my support for this to be fixed. I really can't believe this has been left like this for so long – it's such an obvious fault. I do academic work with evernote, and frequently end up with six or more tabs open at once, all of which normally say "all notes", which is infuriating, and a drain on my workflow.
  4. I'd like to second Dario006's question. Has there been any progress on this?
  5. +1 This would be a big help to me as I find my understanding is very influenced by the use of background colours. This seems like it should be extremely easy to implement - for example just a dropdown box if you click and hold on the highlighter tool would do. It is one of those features that I'm so used to using on almost any other software with a highlighter function that I assumed it was my mistake at first. But it seems this is indeed a missing feature, and a very conspicuous one, despite it being requested for over three years now.
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