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  1. We should not have to check to see if an update has bugs before installing it. This is a ridiculous suggestion.
  2. @upnix Ok I'm glad I read this! I'm going to to keep an eye on this just in case because I edit attachments all the time.
  3. Agreed.. I was surprised that after reading the beta thread it went to GA, and then they released it. All without fixing the bugs uncovered in the discussion. Then a beta to fix the GA was immediately released. Why not just fix the GA before releasing it to everyone? It's no wonder Evernote is so buggy.
  4. I never find searching tags to work well but the tag picker at the top of the note list is brilliant. You search for one tag and it performs a predictive search, suggesting tags as you type. Then for the subsequent tag searches, it only returns tags which belong to notes which are also tagged with previously chosen ones. If there aren't many tags, it populates the drop down list with them. Doesn't matter about syntax errors and works brilliantly for what I do.
  5. @tavor Participate? This is not open source software. The onus is on the developers to make it work, not its users. And I'm sure if EN worked better, more people would be compelled to pay for it. It seems you think users should pay and also contribute their time to fixing bugs. People who use Evernote for work don't have time to spend reporting bugs, trying to find workarounds, etc. We all know Evernote has too many bugs. They fix something, they break something else. It's been that way forever. I pay for Evernote but am frequently annoyed by it. If something better came along, I'd drop it in a heartbeat.
  6. Here we are more than 6 weeks later and they still haven't fixed it. I'm leaving Evernote because I've had enough of its bugs. Forget about machine learning or whatever you're all doing and fix the core functionality. That's what your users want.
  7. I haven't experienced the delivery failed message but I did have problems the other day sending a message to a colleague where I couldn't send to her email address. Instead I had to send to her assigned username.
  8. Hello, Whenever I open a note with a pdf the "searching pdf" appears and doesn't go away. 6.9.2 Macos sierra.
  9. Thanks very much for your helpful reply. It is possible on the desktop clients to play an attached audio file using scan, play, pause controls. Unless this is coming from a web browser plugin such as vlc. I assumed it was default evernote. It does indeed look not possible. As to what I'll do. I need to think some more. Thanks again!
  10. Hello, I'm looking into using evernote to present lessons to English students. Presentation mode is very good for that, but sometimes I need to - for example - be able to look at a picture and listen to audio with controls available to pause, and scan forward and back. Is this possible? Thanks!
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