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  1. My fear is they throw all of their resources at the web app (which already exists) and mobile apps, and abandon the desktop ones. Bear in mind he's talking about a "mobile first" experience. Maybe they'll try and replicate the missing desktop features as much as possible. Of course it makes sense if they have less platforms to maintain, but I can't see a web app ever replicating the desktop experience. If they have reduced the workforce, maybe they don't just don't have the resources to maintain the 5 platforms. @jefito
  2. I'm on an Mac and am currently using Finder. It's got tags and I just create files for notes. I miss not being able to have attachments inline with text and not being able to share online as easily, but I'm managing. For me the editable documents inline though is the killer feature that I haven't seen anywhere else - except OneNote which I really don't like.
  3. If it isn't a desktop top app that syncs to the the local file system then it will be completely different for me. There are lots of note taking apps nowadays, but only Evernote has a true desktop app. Having to download files, update them, then upload them is not something I want to have to do.
  4. So basically Evernote web in a container on the desktop. That would mean the end of synchronising with desktop - no more updating file attachments which is one of the few things that sets Evernote apart from the competition. Good call. I was actually entertaining the idea of going back to Evernote with this news, but I'd better wait and see what their plans are.
  5. People just want the features Evernote’s editor has to work properly. Nothing more. Tables. Copy and paste. Basic stuff. @jefito
  6. You really have to be a bot. There’s no other sane explanation.
  7. dixonbruce

    I was about to go Premium...

    Better keep your fingers crossed they don't shut it down then. ?
  8. There’s a cloud storage service that is currently offering a lifetime subscription. It’s called pCloud and I wonder if this is sustainable.
  9. I too am frustrated by Evernote, but are you really saying your problem is the UI? Not the text editor bugs, problems with sharing, missing notes or workchat? Your team is going to explode with frustration because it's not pretty enough? Or am I missing something?
  10. dixonbruce

    evernote current status - 2018

    So basic notes in your case don't include lists or tables. And you don't copy and paste. Thanks for clearing that up.
  11. dixonbruce

    evernote current status - 2018

    Ok. So you agree that there is a problem with the editor, and that in fact it isn't 'fine for basic notes'.
  12. dixonbruce

    evernote current status - 2018

    Then I don't understand. Why do you say the editor is 'fine for basic use' if it isn't? I don't know if anyone is asking for a complex word-processing app. Just that the included tools, you know, actually work. I guess that would be asking too much.
  13. dixonbruce

    evernote current status - 2018

    I think we can agree that lists should work. And tables. And copy and paste. I understand that you maybe don't use these features, but what''s your point here? If they are in the note editor, they should work. Why should I have to attach a word document to put a list or a table? Why on earth are you defending this? ???
  14. dixonbruce

    evernote current status - 2018

    No it's not. If you use Evernote for document storage then you probably won't notice, but the editor is actually really buggy. I'd prefer they fix it before adding any new formatting tools.
  15. dixonbruce

    mac Why can't search apply to Trash Notebook?

    Please do. Try and point out to some tech sites that Evernote knowingly introduce bugs to GA just because they are working to some artificial deadline. Point out some of the threads on this forum where longtime users are utterly fed up with this. They are so keen to release new features that they don't care if they break/remove old ones. If I weren't so invested in Evernote I would have left ages ago and I so fed up I am considering spending part of my Easter holiday moving to MacOs notes/Finder, which to give some perspective would mean spending less time with my children and I REALLY do not want to do this.