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  1. Hiya, hope everyone doing well. I am using the Evernote Web Clipper extension in Chrome, when I click on it to capture a page and select clip format as 'Article', it shows a green boundary zone with + and - signs on top. Clicking on + expands the boundary/capture area and - does the reverse naturally. The boundary is determined automatically and there is no way to manually select it. Can this be looked into please in future updates? PS> I don't want to do screenshot for free selection, rather looking to have the control on Article format.
  2. Thanks! Just did that, cheers!
  3. Hiya, title of this idea basically- please provide 'Format Painter' option in the notebook similar to what we find in MS Word.
  4. Title of this thread basically. So, after adding a Code Block in a note - it will be nice to have options to use bulleted list, check box etc. inside the code block.
  5. Please provide a colour palette for 'Highlight' option (Ctrl+Shift+H) and not just the single yellow colour. This will allow users to choose their desired colours for highlighting text snippets- so green for some part, yellow for other etc, rather than highlighting everything with a single colour.
  6. okay so I uninstalled Evernote from my laptop, rebooted it...then installed it back and voila my left panel is back 😃 Thank you all for responding to my problem and your help guys 👍
  7. No the menu command does not work. I just installed evernote fresh in my new laptop so pretty sure we can rule out the hijack thing by other program.
  8. No..i just installed it fresh in my new laptop and its not working since then...i will re-install and check.
  9. View -> Left Panel (F10) is NOT working any more. I am using Evernote (308555) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) on my Win 10 Dell XPS 13 9380 laptop. Nothing happens when I click that option or press the F10 hotkey, it just stays un-ticked. Rebooted laptop, no luck :( Please let me know how do I get it back working again?
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