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  1. Firstly, it is quite annoying trying to contact Evernote to just message about feature requests... I have Evernote on my Mac and iPhone. I like Apples's privacy policy more than Google's. I want the option to save my notes in iCloud. Then I know if for some reason I cancel an Evernote subscription my notes are 'mine' and available. Apparently Google scans everything on its servers. I don't want any of my notes "scanned" by a third party like Google. Also, Evernote features should be integrated into Apple's native apps. For example, if I take a picture that has handwriting in it and I am editing the picture in the native iOS app I want the option of using Evernote's handwriting recognition feature right there. I am currently not a premium use primarily due to the 2 issues above. And because I am not a premium user I can't simply contact Evernote with feature requests.
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