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  1. Yes. New content created in existing notebooks on the MBA get pushed to the web and the iPhone. Updates on the MBA get pushed out as well--just nothing coming back. This is all very frustrating--and on so very brand for Evernote. I've been a huge proponent of Evernote for a decade--my daughter just started college and I sold her on RocketBook + Evernote for note taking in classes--and convinced her to upgrade to a premium account. And it has been a nightmare since. When it works, it's great--and when it doesn't it causes so much stress and frustration...
  2. My daughter has Evernote 7.14 on her MBA, ruunning Catalina. Added some notebooks on her iPhone, which show up on the web interface, but are not syncing to the Mac. Have logged out and back in, restarted, etc. What else to try?
  3. Just filled out feedback about search failures. Added a note tonight at 1919--it's now 1944 and that note still isn't showing in search results...Even a short delay is too much--this is beyond ridiculous. I just tested in Evernote Legacy by creating a note, it is immediately available in search.
  4. Still drives me nuts. Still not used to it. Bring this feature back.
  5. I thought I would get used to this, but I'm not. When I go into a meeting, it saves me a ton of time to have the note title suggested. I can just start taking my notes. Even if it's an option, this is one that should come back.
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